Exam Security

Cirrus offers all-encompassing exam security: From guarding against content loss or theft to ensuring test-taker honesty during online assessments and rigorously defending against data breaches.

Access & Content Protection

E-assessments require a balance between accessibility for varied stakeholders and rigorous content security. With multiple collaborators involved, safeguarding exam content can be challenging. Cirrus offers robust features to ensure that exam content remains both accessible and secure. 

The foundation of any secure platform begins with knowing who's on the other side of the screen. With a combination of cutting-edge technology and proven practices, we ensure that users are precisely who they claim to be:
Unique Passwords

Cirrus employs robust algorithms to handle passwords, ensuring unique combinations are known only to the user.​

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Cirrus's SSO provides secure, single-step access, enhancing user experience without compromising security.

Third-Party Trust with OAuth/OpenID

Cirrus can authenticate users via trusted third-party services without ever handling sensitive login details.​

IP Access Restriction

Only registered IP addresses get access. This ensures that even valid credentials can't be misused from an unfamiliar location.

Cirrus's Session Management ensures your connection to our e-assessment platform is secure and personalised from login to logout.
Unique Session Creation

Every time you log into Cirrus, we create a unique session, tailor-made just for you. It's like having a private, secure lane on a busy digital highway.

Smart Timeout Functions

Forget to log out? No worries! Cirrus automatically ends your session after a period of inactivity and automatically at the end of every exam, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Ironclad Cookie Handling

Cookies aren't just for browsers; they're part of your secure connection. Cirrus transmits them only over encrypted connections, so your session stays safe.

Effective Session Destruction

When it's time to log out, Cirrus ensures that the session ends properly, leaving no loose ends. It's a well-timed farewell, ensuring the session cannot be reused.​

Our Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system ensures that users interact with only the parts of the system that are relevant to their roles.
Customised Role Definitions

Whether it's a student, teacher, or administrator, Cirrus provides crystal clear definitions for each role, mapping out what they can see and do within the platform.

Dynamic Access Management

Cirrus puts you in control, allowing fine-tuning of what each role can view, modify, create, or delete. Every interaction is tailored to fit the user's specific role.

Smart Role Hierarchies

With Cirrus, role permissions are intelligent. Higher-level roles inherit permissions from those below, creating a logical and flexible system.​

Transparency at your fingertips with Cirrus. Audit Trails offer a complete record of system activities, allowing for easy review and verification. 
Action Logging

Every user interaction is meticulously documented, enhancing transparency and user accountability.

Change Tracking

To ensure data integrity, Cirrus vigilantly monitors data and flags any unauthorised changes.

Regular Review

Periodic scans proactively identify potential security breaches or anomalies and let you address any vulnerabilities early.

Long-term Storage

Your history is safe and ready for review, facilitating compliance with regulations that require data retention.

Stay aligned with the law. We ensure that all aspects of our e-assessment platform meet and exceed regulatory standards, providing peace of mind in a compliant and legal framework:
GDPR Compliance

Your data privacy is our priority; GDPR is “the world’s toughest privacy and security law in the world.”

Industry-Specific Regulations

Tailoring to your region and industry’s unique laws.

Regular Audits

Our promise - is to continually verify our compliance.

Data Security

When it comes to e-assessment, data security is paramount. Your online exam platform handles a multitude of sensitive information, from personal user details to exam results, and any breach could lead to loss of trust, legal ramifications, and potential damage to test-takers’ futures. Cirrus’s robust security not only safeguards against these risks but also bolsters the credibility of your organisation, ensuring that you remain the preferred choice. 

At Cirrus, we understand that security isn't just a preference; it's a necessity. Our e-assessment platform's encryption methods are akin to a digital Fort Knox, and here's how we make that happen:
Data-in-Transit Encryption

Like a carefully guarded convoy, we use protocols like SSL/TLS to secure your data as it moves across the network. It's all about ensuring safe passage.

Data-at-Rest Encryption

Your data stays locked in a vault even when at rest. Cirrus encrypts data stored in databases or files, ensuring it's secure from prying eyes.

End-to-End Encryption

Your data remains in a secure channel from point A to B. Cirrus ensures that the encryption stays intact from the source to the destination, accessible only by you, the intended recipient.

Military-Grade Encryption

Security that's battle-tested. We employ advanced encryption standards, esteemed and utilised by military organisations, for fortress-like protection.

Powered by AWS

Cirrus leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in cloud computing, to deliver these encryption solutions. It's a partnership that equates to reliability and excellence.

To maintain the gold standard in data security, Cirrus employs not just rigorous security measures, but also the proactive management and verification of these measures:
Certified Trust

Cirrus is proudly ISO-27001:2013 certified, symbolising our commitment to top-tier quality management and information security practices.

Automated Compliance Checking

Regular scans using advanced tools confirm our security measures are always up to par.

Stay ahead with Cirrus. We continuously monitor and update our system, applying patches to close any potential vulnerabilities. Our dedicated approach ensures that the assessment environment remains secure and up to date.
Regular Updates

Our systems are fresh and resilient, always armed with the latest security patches.

Automated Patching

Swift and seamless, our tools ensure that security updates are applied immediately.

In the realm of digital assessments, a robust defence is non-negotiable. Cirrus employs stringent security measures, ensuring data remains protected from external threats:

Cirrus's virtual moats control all traffic, allowing only the trusted and blocking the malicious.

Anti-Malware Tools

Like vigilant guards, our tools detect and eradicate viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)

We proactively identify vulnerabilities through simulated cyberattacks, ensuring robust defences that are aligned with industry best practices.

Never worry about data loss with Cirrus. In the unlikely event of a failure, our robust infrastructure guarantees uninterrupted service and peace of mind. 
Regular Backups

Your valuable data is mirrored in a secure haven, ready to be restored if needed.

Redundant Systems

Our backup systems are waiting in the wings, ready to take over if needed.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Strategic and well-rehearsed plans ensure a quick recovery from any unexpected hiccup.

GDPR Compliant

Respecting your privacy is at our core, and we handle your data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Cheating Prevention & Detection

As the volume and sophistication of cheating methods grow, the tools to counteract them must evolve with equal vigour. Cirrus provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to preemptively combat and detect cheating, ensuring that every assessment remains a true reflection of the test-taker’s abilities. From randomised exams and advanced proctoring to plagiarism detection, we employ a multi-pronged approach to maintain the sanctity of the e-assessment process.

Cirrus’s proprietary LOFT 3.0 not only randomises exams but also maintains consistency in exam difficulty and minimises question predictability. This keeps the assessment process genuine and fair.
Unique Test Versions

Cirrus assembles tests from the item bank based on your blueprint, ensuring different test-takers encounter unique questions. This creativity in design thwarts collaboration and answer-sharing.

Item Exposure Control

Cirrus limits the exposure of specific questions, deterring large-scale information sharing and future cheating endeavours. Our unique algorithm ensures the questions remain fresh and unpredictable.

Integration with Other Security Measures

LOFT isn't alone; it's part of Cirrus's robust security approach, harmonising with proctoring, browser lockdowns, and IP tracking for an unbreachable testing environment.

Cirrus proudly partners with ProctorU to deliver a surveillance experience that’s as human-centric as it is technologically advanced. With a combination of live proctors and cutting-edge technology, we offer a secure, yet candidate-friendly, assessment environment:
Real-Time Surveillance

Human proctors monitor the examination process in real-time.

Interaction Capability

Proctors can communicate with candidates, offering guidance or addressing concerns.

Multi-Camera Support

Multiple angles ensure comprehensive oversight.

Instant Reporting

Immediate alerts for any suspicious activity.

Customisable Rules

Tailor the proctoring process to fit your examination protocols.

Our native Proctorio integration lets your leverage Proctorio’s robust AI capabilities alongside Cirrus, offering an unparalleled level of exam integrity, all while preserving a user-friendly experience for candidates:
Automated Surveillance

AI algorithms meticulously track student behaviour.

Behavioural Analysis

Includes keystroke dynamics, mouse movement tracking, and anomaly detection.

Facial Recognition

Ensures that the registered student is the one taking the exam.

Program and Website Whitelisting

Allow access to approved resources only.

Customisable Rules

Tailor the proctoring process to fit your examination protocols.

Integration with Other Tools

Works seamlessly with other Cirrus security features for all-around protection.

Our Browser Security features lock down the testing environment, restricting unauthorised access and keeping candidates focused solely on the test. Say goodbye to distractions and potential cheating avenues:
Safe Exam Browser

Lock students into the Cirrus exam environment, keeping distractions, cheating, and unauthorised access at bay.

Fullscreen Mode

Immerse candidates in the exam, and prevent them from using external tools like ChatGPT, Wikipedia, etc.

Clipboard Disabling

Prevent candidates from copying exam content or pasting unauthorised material.

Single-Screen Use

Restrict candidates to a singular view, eliminating any attempts to reference other materials or applications.

Cache Clearing

Wipe clean any browsing data after the exam, ensuring that no exam content can be stored or shared.

Turnitin’s Plagiarism Detection: Ensure test-takers’ work is their own – catch plagiarised or AI-generated content with our seamless dashboard integration with Turnitin.
Advanced Content Matching

Turnitin employs sophisticated algorithms that detect not just direct copies, but also paraphrased or rewritten content, ensuring a comprehensive check for authenticity.

AI-generated Content Detection

Stay ahead of modern cheating methods. Turnitin can identify content that's been generated by artificial intelligence like ChatGPT, ensuring genuine human effort behind every submission.

Seamless Dashboard Integration

Our platform is integrated seamlessly with Turnitin, making it easy for instructors to review originality reports, pinpoint potential issues, and provide necessary feedback.

Document Source Comparison

Turnitin's vast database compares the submitted content against millions of academic papers, journals, books, and internet pages to identify any matches.

Interactive Originality Reports

These reports highlight matched content and provide a visual representation of potential plagiarism, making it easier for educators to review and for students to understand where they might have gone astray.

Cirrus offers further inbuilt features designed to optimise assessment management and ensure exam integrity at every step:
Time Controls

Allows you to set specific time limits on questions or the entire assessment.

Data Analysis in Invigilation Logs

Keep a watchful eye on examination activities.

Post-Assessment Evaluation

Uncover hidden cheating through detailed post-exam analysis.

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