Unrivalled user experience

Our workflows are designed to provide the best possible online exam delivery experience for students:
  • Multiple sign-in options: SSO, keycode, LMS, personal password. Choose which works best for your students. 
  • Accessibility: Easily allow extra time for special needs students.
  • Accessibility: Visually impaired students can rely on our screen reader-friendly designs and use the Readspeaker text-to-speech functionality while running the exam.

Hybrid exam delivery options

Whether you are delivering assessments in test centres, your students’ own homes, or anywhere in-between, you are in good hands with Cirrus.
  • Built-in remote proctoring.
  • Web-based exam engine that supports offline delivery.

Unequalled speed, unlimited scalability

With state-of-the-art hosting and the latest technology in web application development, Cirrus’ test administration software guarantees unrivalled performance: 
  • Hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS), using elastic load balancing. That means resources are  automatically scaled to meet traffic demands, guaranteeing the highest performance. 
  • We perform regular performance tests to ensure uninterrupted reliability of our service. 
  • Unlimited scalability
Anytime, anywhere: Test students individually or 100% at the same time, at your organisation, in test centres or in their own homes.
Unique Offline Delivery Mode ensures that exam sittings will not be compromised if Internet connectivity drops.