Powerful online marking workflow

Marking examinations online has never been easier with the Cirrus built-in marking tool. It is truly powerful, allowing you to annotate directly in the candidate responses, connect and mark rubrics, and set up advanced marking workflows.
  • View marking progress at any time
  • Collaborate with co-assessors and moderators
  • Create custom moderation rules
  • Ensure fairness with anonymous marking
  • Set up marking by items or candidates  

Give candidates insight into their results

After marking your examinations online, you decide when to give your candidates access to the results and how. Feedback can also be given automatically, which saves you time and lets candidates learn from their mistakes straight away.
  • Give immediate feedback
  • Schedule candidate review sessions
  • Show achievement levels in different topic areas 
The Cirrus online marking tool lets you assign your markers by item or candidates to divide the workload.
Multiple assessors and moderation: Share the workload or ensure the highest quality marking by adding moderation workflows.
Annotate directly in the candidate submission, and share those annotations with your co-assessors.
Progress report: Get an overview of your marking progress in one convenient overview.

Take Cirrus for a spin!

Curious what Cirrus looks like from a test-taker perspective? 


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