Online exam software for awarding bodies

We understand that exams are your bread and butter, so you need online assessment software that is fit for purpose and easy to use for staff and students alike.

Why awarding bodies choose Cirrus

Minimise exam workload

Our user-friendly, intuitive workflows ensure organisation-wide adoption. Better yet, they cut exam creation and marking time in half and let you deliver results faster.

Prepare candidates for real-world tasks

Test candidates as though they were in the real world with advanced questions types: financial and mathematical questions, custom language testing, programming questions, and many more.

Deliver high-stakes exams with confidence

With our 99.99% uptime, ISO certification and range of anti-cheating options, you can be confident that you are delivering safe and secure online exams.

An e-assessment partner who grows with you

We work with you for a seamless implementation at your pace - from 3 months to a year - and keep supporting you to help you create better exams, more easily. And we continue to innovate so that you benefit from the latest advances in assessment science and technology.

Ready to streamline your assessment process?

How the partnership between Cirrus and Chartered Accountants Ireland won the E-Assessment Award


Better Assessments

The Role of UX/UI in Enhancing E-Assessment 

Effective UX/UI design goes far beyond aesthetics; it shapes an intuitive, accessible, and engaging user experience that can transform how we approach e-assessments. Discover how Cirrus’ expert, Madina Suleymanova, uses her expertise to improve usability, reduce stress, and enhance educational outcomes.

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