Candidate performance

Get better insight into the performance of your candidates. Cirrus gives you the data you need, whether you want to see how well candidates did on an exam or how they perform in different areas. 
  • The majority of the question types in Cirrus are auto-scored, including the advanced mathematical and financial statement question types.
  • Use Score Reports to see the performance of your candidates in different topic areas.   
  • Track candidates with rubrics reporting.
  • Export results or synchronise them with your back-office system through integrations. 

Psychometric data analytics

Cirrus automatically gathers psychometric performance data on your items and assessments, providing actionable insights to help you improve the validity and reliability of your exams.
  • Assessment-level: Exam analytics give you a high-level overview of how your assessments are performing: Last sat, pass rate, Reliability, Times Delivered and Number of Items in the assessment.
  • Item-level: Drill down deeper with Chance Score, p-value, Rit and Rir, Cronbach’s alpha and more to understand how well individual items test candidates on their knowledge. 
  • Mean and median per schedule available in the score report.

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