Cirrus’ online test creation software makes creating exams as intuitive as possible, with convenient dashboards guiding you through the process of creating your exam content: 
  • Immediately see the steps needed to complete your exams. 
  • See the details of your question banks, assessments and more at a glance.
  • Track changes with the change log.

Interactive questions

Maximise the benefits of delivering exams online with Cirrus’ interactive question types: 
  • 20+ fully auto-scored questions reduce marking time. 
  • Give students automatic student feedback to help them improve. 
  • Parameterised questions produce different questions each time. 
  • Work-through errors let you take early calculation mistakes into account.


Build unlimited tailored exams based on a set of criteria you choose: 
  • Apply learning objectives and taxonomies to create exam blueprints. 
  • Use the blueprint to generate predefined exams or a virtually unlimited number of unique exams.

Microsoft 365 integration

Let test takers use the tools they would in real life, complete balance sheets in Excel, edit news articles in Word and more:
  • Supports Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 
  • Fully web-based, no local installation required. 
  • No Microsoft account required by the candidates. 
  • All Microsoft Suite features at your fingertips during exam delivery. 
Test mathematics skills with advanced question types that support auto-scoring of complex equations.
Test both written and oral language skills with our built-in audio recording questions that support automatic candidate feedback.
Use Financial Statement question types to evaluate knowledge of Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Account statements.
Hotspot and Comprehensive Integrated Puzzle questions let you quiz medical students' clinical reasoning.
Context-sensitive programming question types let you test 20+ programming languages.
No need to start from scratch: Import questions and users and export results via open international standards like IMS QTI, Rest API’s and more.