Online exam software for universities

We know that your university needs a powerful online exam platform where creating, delivering, and marking exams is as easy as possible. Simple for staff, no fuss for students: Cirrus is the best choice for higher education.

Why universities choose Cirrus

Makes your examinations efficient and manageable

Our user-friendly, intuitive workflows are designed to save you time: cut exam creation and marking time in half, collaborate easily, and deliver results faster. The result? Happier staff and students.

Helps you prevent cheating

With a range of anti-cheating measures, such as (live) proctoring, blueprints, lockdown browsers and more, you can keep cheating to the absolute minimum.

Supports you

We work with you for a seamless implementation at your pace, from 3 months to a year. Of course support doesn't stop there, our dedicated customer success team remains at your disposal to help you create better exams.

Lets you deliver exams your way

Use Cirrus for formative and summative tests and choose the delivery mode that works for you, including online, offline and hybrid options.

Ready to streamline your assessment process?

Тhe University of Pretoria successfully implemented Cirrus for 50,000 students​


Company News

Exciting times in e-assessment

On the eve of Cirrus’ new brand identity launch, we catch up with Vegard Sivertsen (Founder and CEO). He shares his experiences on Cirrus’ rollercoaster journey so far and explains the reason behind the new branding and his vision for Cirrus and e-assessment.  

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