Optimise Your Observational Assessments

No more location constraints: Deliver exams anywhere, anytime, with full mobile support.
One Responsive Platform for All Exams

Use a single platform to deliver both theoretical and observational assessments. With full mobile support, you can manage and conduct exams anywhere, anytime - on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Eliminate Transcription Errors

Record observations instantly on mobile or tablet devices, reducing transcription errors and ensuring accurate data capture. All information is stored in a centralised location for easy access and compliance.

Tailor to Your Needs

Customise assessment forms to align with specific learning objectives with an easy-to-use interface, enhancing examiner efficiency and satisfaction. This allows examiners to focus on the assessment rather than the technology.

Secure Data & Immediate Insights

Securely store and transmit all assessment data while accessing real-time analytics. Provide immediate feedback to candidates for enhanced learning and use the insights to support informed decision-making within the organisation.

Testing with Cirrus

Choose Cirrus for your observational assessments to unlock the full potential of online testing. With customisable criteria, responsive design, and advanced feedback options, Cirrus not only helps you evaluate real-world skills but also ensures an efficient and comprehensive testing environment. 

The examiner's screen provides a handy overview of assigned assessments, including today's tasks, upcoming assessments, and completed ones. This organised layout helps examiners efficiently manage their schedules and stay on top of their responsibilities.
Cirrus's responsive design optimises the assessment process by allowing examiners to use mobile devices for convenient data entry.
Fully Customisable Assessments

Tailor every aspect of the assessment process, from criteria and learning objectives to performance tiers, ensuring the system works perfectly for your specific needs.

Powerful and Versatile Feedback

Enhance your assessment process with quick, often-used feedback options and provide more detailed feedback using video, audio, or text formats. This enhances the learning experience for candidates and helps them improve more effectively.

The results are available immediately after the assessment is completed: Use the data for in-depth analysis, to refine your courses, and to provide detailed candidate feedback to help them learn. Competency charts further let you compare test-takers' performance against each other and the cohort as a whole.

Take Cirrus for a spin!

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