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The Benefits of Online Language Testing

Grow your Organisation

Administer exams to a larger, global audience with ease. Expand your reach and enhance your reputation as an accessible certification provider.

Streamline Your Assessments

Say goodbye to cumbersome administrative tasks, exorbitant logistical costs and lost exam papers. Experience next-gen digital exam delivery, automatic scoring, and seamless global collaboration

Protect your Exam Content

Minimise cheating and protect sensitive data with lockdown browsers, live or remote proctoring software, plagiarism detection and encryption technologies.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Allow candidates to take exams where and when it suits them in a user-friendly platform. The possibility to include multimedia content makes exams more relevant and engaging.

Accelerate Results Delivery

Automated scoring and easy international collaboration enable you to deliver results faster. Be it a looming job interview or a college admission deadline, we've got your back!

Eliminate Handwriting Issues

The age-old issue of deciphering bad handwriting ends here. Welcome to the crystal-clear world of digital responses, making evaluation error-free and swift.

Cirrus: Made For Language Testing

Choose Cirrus for your language exams to unlock the full potential of online language assessments: With features ranging from intricate audio integration to robust security protocols, Cirrus delivers a testing environment that not only mimics real-world language use but also ensures a reliable, fair, and tamper-proof evaluation process.

Delivering your language exams online lets you take advantage of all the benefits of online testing: From audio integration to video streaming, the Cirrus online exam platform is designed to simulate real-world language use, ensuring a comprehensive and authentic evaluation of language skills.
Audio Integration

Audio files can be embedded directly into any of Cirrus' question types. This facility is invaluable for simulating real-world language use, and making the test more authentic and relevant. The 20+ question types allow for the assessment of various skills, such as understanding main ideas, details, and inferences.

Multimedia Support

Go beyond traditional! In addition to audio files, a variety of media types can be used to create comprehensive language comprehension tests that mimic real-world circumstances. Infuse tests with PDFs, imagery, videos, and more, making assessments rich and dynamic.

Controlled Media Playback

Playback restrictions ensure that candidates engage with the material in a controlled manner, which is crucial for accurately assessing language skills. In Cirrus, examiners have the option to disable pausing and rewinding of audio files and prevent test-takers from navigating in their exam while playing audio. Examiners can even limit the number of times an audio file can be played.

Video Streaming

The inclusion of video content in test questions allows for a dynamic, multimedia approach to language assessment, capturing nuances that text-based questions may miss. Cirrus flawlessly syncs with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, offering a richer, more detailed assessment canvas.

You will benefit from Cirrus's advanced security features when you deliver your language assessments online: From international collaboration to proctoring solutions, Cirrus offers a suite of tools designed to ensure a secure, reliable, and fair testing environment.
International Collaboration

Collaborate securely on marking and evaluation. In Cirrus, all actions are logged, and access is restricted to authorised personnel. This ensures that the assessment process remains confidential and tamper-proof.


Being ISO-certified means that Cirrus adheres to international standards for quality, security, and reliability. This certification adds an extra layer of trust and ensures that the platform meets stringent requirements, making it a reliable choice for language testing.


Our arsenal, packed with proctoring tools, plagiarism detectors, and secure browsers, ensures absolute integrity. This is essential for high-stakes language tests, where verifying the identity of the test-taker and ensuring a cheat-free environment are critical.


Groundbreaking solutions help minimise cheating and protect exam content. With Cirrus's revolutionary LOFT 3.0 and Blueprint, enjoy unparalleled randomness in tests, with every variant being equitably balanced.

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