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Your success is our success

The acquisition and implementation of an online assessment platform is a comprehensive process. That is why we partner with our customers to ensure the Cirrus Platform will be a well-implemented, fully adapted and valuable, easy-to-use asset to their day to day business processes.

Partners in implementation and adaptation

Well begun is half done

Experience shows us that a well-managed and smooth start-up phase is crucial for the successful adoption of new technological tools. The way the assessment platform is implemented within an organization greatly affects how quickly it can be put into operation and how effectively it will be used. We feel that it is extremely important to assist organizations in this area; your success is our success. For this reason, we offer implementation support to help institutions deploy the Cirrus Platform in a structured manner whilst adapting to the customer-specific assessment processes and infrastructure.


Cirrus offers a range of training courses, ranging from single topic introductory courses to advanced and super-user training. We also offer customized training around specific customer goals and/or setups. We will work closely with you to ensure the best training plan is available to you.

Our trainers have extensive experience in the use of assessment platforms. Through our training we help organizations achieve their goals by making full use of Cirrus. Our training sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging with delegates gaining hands-on experience in using the Cirrus Platform.

All training can be given in-house by one of our experienced trainers.


At Cirrus we understand the importance of using your own brand towards your candidates. Our consultants can alter the user interface to match your corporate guidelines.

Content Migration

When upgrading to a modern e-assessment platform like Cirrus, you don’t want to lose the question banks you have established over time. At Cirrus we have extensive experience with moving question banks from legacy e-assessment platforms, we will take care of this, at no additional cost to you.

Custom integration

Whether you want to automate user management, set up a single-sign-on solution or automatically capture results from Cirrus in your own back-office system, Cirrus got you covered.
Our integration methods and API’s are well documented and easy to use. If needed, our consultants are available for support.

Customer-central development

Cirrus has extensive experience with working together with our customers to develop new features. All developed features become part of the platform and available to all customers. New features developed with customers other than you will therefore benefit you too. Here are a few examples of co-developed features that are now available to everyone:

  • Programming question type; A fully auto-scored programming question type allowing candidates to write computer code, supporting more than 30 different programming languages.
  • Comprehensive Integrated Puzzle question type; A question type allowing you to assess medical students by giving them cases (examine, diagnose and medicate patients)
  • Multiple forms; Allowing you to create multiple variations of your assessments. Delivering different forms to each candidate prevents cheating.
  • Mathematical question type; This powerful question type supports parameterization (question will be different for each candidate), is able to automatically score complex equations as well as supporting work-through errors.
  • Marking improvements; Including progress reports, improvements to annotations and marking workflow

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