Online exam software for professional testing

You can count on Cirrus to help you ensure prospective employees are up to the job and to help existing employees grow with you. Deliver, create and mark assessments with as little fuss as possible - anytime, anywhere.

Why professional testers choose Cirrus

Helps you streamline your assessments

Our intuitive workflows make creating and sitting exams as easy as possible, for staff and employees alike. Better yet, they cut exam creation and marking time in half and let you deliver results faster.

Prepares your employees for real-world tasks

Prepare employees for real-world tasks with financial statement question types, mathematical questions that support autoscoring complex equations, language-testing questions with built-in audio recording, programming questions for 20+ languages, hotspot questions to test clinical reasoning and more.

Helps you prevent cheating

Use (live) proctoring, blueprints, lockdown browsers and more, to keep cheating to the absolute minimum.

Is an e-assessment partner who grows with you

We support you every step of the way during the implementation process and beyond, to help you create better exams, more easily. And we continue to innovate so that you benefit from the latest advances in assessment science and technology.

Ready to streamline your assessment process?

The National Council for the Training of Journalists revolutionised their examination system with Cirrus


Company News

Exciting times in e-assessment

On the eve of Cirrus’ new brand identity launch, we catch up with Vegard Sivertsen (Founder and CEO). He shares his experiences on Cirrus’ rollercoaster journey so far and explains the reason behind the new branding and his vision for Cirrus and e-assessment.  

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