7 Dec 2023, 15:00 CET

Unlock the Potential of AI Essay Marking

Cut marking time & cost by up to 60%

Are you ready to revolutionise your marking process? Join our exclusive webinar to explore the cutting-edge world of AI essay marking:

  • Key Benefits: Drastically cut marking time and cost, enhance accuracy and personalisation.
  • How it works: Understand AI’s advanced grading algorithms and their application.
  • Navigating Challenges: Identify and overcome hurdles in AI implementation.
  • Case Study: Gain insights from CPA Canada’s successful AI trial.
  • Evaluating Fit for Your Organisation: Determine how AI marking aligns with your needs.


Sojin Lee
Co-founder & CEO
Blees AI
Andy Thomas
Vice-President, Precertification Education CPA Canada
Vegard Sivertsen
Founder & CEO
Cristina Gilbert
Content Manager




Cristina Gilbert | Cirrus


AI Essay Marking: How it works, benefits, challenges & is it right for your organisation?

 Sojin Lee, Blees AI


Case study: AI Marking at Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada

 Andy Thomas, CPA Canada



Advances in digital marking

Vegard Sivertsen | Cirrus


Webinar End


Who should watch?

This webinar is tailored for educational professionals, assessment managers, and decision-makers in the education sector. It’s a must-see for those seeking to innovate their assessment methods and embrace the benefits of technology in education.

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