21 Jun 2023, 16:00 CEST

ChatGPT & Exam Integrity

Tools & strategies to stop AI-assisted cheating

AI isn’t going anywhere and will only get more powerful. In this webinar we discuss what strategies you can employ to ensure exam integrity:

  • What tools are available to detect and prevent AI-assisted cheating?
  • What can we learn from the practical experiences of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland?
  • Can we turn the AI threat into an opportunity to evolve exam delivery?
  • How can we safeguard the test-taker experience?
  • What can we expect in the near future?


Robert Burns
Delivery Lead-Assessments,
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland

Responsible for assessments and IT at ICAS, passionate about moving assessments from the shadows into the light and making them a truly customer-centric experience.
Vegard Sivertsen
CEO & Founder,

Co-founder of Cirrus with 25+ years of experience in EdTech
Martijn van der Jagt
Account Manager,

With a background in Customer Success, Martijn has a deep knowledge of e-assessment solutions and best practices.
Cristina Gilbert
Content Manager,

Copywriter and digital content enthusiast, Cristina is motivated by the fast-paced world of e-assessment and the opportunities online exams give students to thrive.




Cristina Gilbert | Cirrus


Tools to detect 

AI-assisted cheating

Martijn van der Jagt | Cirrus


Prevention tools & the possibilities of AI

Vegard Sivertsen | Cirrus


e-Asssessment & AI, a practical perspective

Robert Burns | ICAS


Audience Q&A


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