Webinar recap: Rethinking Test Security

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How can we prevent cheating and content leakage in high-stakes exams? And achieve up to 90% saving on the exam delivery costs?

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Welcome to our new webinar series on e-assessment trends. Today’s topic is test security, and we will be discussing an innovative solution to prevent cheating and content leakage in high-stakes exams while saving up to 90% on exam delivery costs  – through a revolutionary method called LOFT 3.0. 

LOFT 3.0 ensures that every exam form contains a unique set of questions that is psychometrically balanced in terms of difficulty and fairness. Cirrus’ founder and CEO, Vegard Sivertsen, presents the truly limitless potential of this technology.  

There are two primary challenges faced by the high-stakes e-assessment market today: cheating prevention and content leakage. Content theft leads to significant costs for organisations as they need to recreate their exams. If a test form is leaked, the exam organisation has to create a new exam, which may cost up to €450,000. 

Currently, to prevent content theft, 90% of high-stakes exams are conducted in large scale test centres. This is inflexible for both testing organisations and test-takers and expensive, as delivering exams in test centres can cost up to €70 per test per candidate. 

However, LOFT 3.0 provides an efficient solution to minimise cheating and content theft while saving up to 90% on exam delivery costs and implementing LOFT 3.0 is relatively straightforward: 

  1. The first step is to develop your item bank and ensure that each item is well-tagged with metadata, such as topic, type of knowledge and difficulty level. 
  2. Second, you’ll want to ensure that the questions are tagged according to friend and enemy relationships. This prevents some questions from giving away answers to other questions (enemies) or not making sense if they are not asked as part of a group of questions (friends). 
  3. The third step is to configure your exam blueprint. Here you select the number of questions per topic, difficulty, type of knowledge measured, etc. It ensures that each generated exam is valid and tests what is supposed to be tested. . 
  4. As a result, when candidates start the exam, they will each get a random, unique test form with questions from the item banks according to the blueprint. More importantly, each exam will be psychometrically balanced.

To ensure that exams are psychometrically balanced and defensible in the court of law, it is essential to calibrate the item bank and make sure that the psychometric data is in the system. The system then generates balanced assessment forms, so that candidates do not get only difficult or easy questions.

To take advantage of LOFT 3.0, you’ll need a platform that supports psychometrically balanced Blueprints and LOFT exam delivery. You’d also need subject matter experts who can easily collaborate on your e-assessment platform to set up the blueprint and item bank. Keen to get started? We’d love to show you how Cirrus can help you deliver unique, on-demand exams and minimise content theft and cheating. Book a demo to find out more.

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Marina Volgina
Marina Volgina
As a content marketer, Marina finds boundless inspiration in the transformative potential of EdTech and illuminates the fascinating story of Cirrus for global audiences.
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