Top E-Assessment And EdTech Resources to Follow

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Looking to delve deeper into the world of e-assessment and educational technology? Whether you’re an educator seeking innovative tools to enhance your assessment process or an enthusiast fascinated by the intersection of technology and education, these resources will help you on your way. 

Blogs and news sites

In this curated list, we’ll explore some of the most authoritative and engaging edtech news websites and blogs, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

The e-Assessment Association provides comprehensive resources, insights, and news about e-assessment, offering valuable information and guidance for educators, institutions, and professionals involved in digital assessment practices. is a platform dedicated to providing timely news, articles, and insights on the education sector, offering valuable information and updates for educators, policymakers, and industry professionals.

EdSurge covers a wide range of educational technology topics, including e-assessment, with insightful articles and blog posts.

EdTech Magazine provides news and analysis on educational technology trends, including e-assessment developments.

Inside Higher Ed often covers e-assessment topics in its news and blog sections, offering perspectives from educators and experts.

The eLearning Guild features blogs, articles, and resources related to e-learning and assessment, including e-assessment practices.

eLearning Industry publishes articles, blogs, and news updates on various aspects of e-learning, including e-assessment tools and strategies.

EdTech Digest covers a broad spectrum of educational technology topics, including e-assessment trends and innovations.

Campus Technology focuses on technology trends in higher education, including e-assessment tools and practices.


Embarking on a journey of discovery within the realm of educational technology and online testing? Podcasts offer a convenient and enriching way to delve into these dynamic fields, providing valuable insights, expert interviews, and thought-provoking discussions at your fingertips. 

The Edtech Podcast: This podcast explores how technology is changing the way we teach and learn, including discussions on e-assessment and online examination practices.

The Learning Innovations Podcast: Hosted by James Yanuzzelli, this podcast covers a wide range of topics related to learning innovations, including e-assessment and online examination strategies.

The EdTech Take Out: This podcast covers educational technology trends and tools, including episodes focusing on e-assessment and online examination best practices.

The Online Learning Podcast: Hosted by John Colley, this podcast explores online learning trends and strategies, with occasional episodes discussing e-assessment and online examination methods.

eLearning Coach Podcast: Connie Malamed hosts this podcast, which covers various topics related to e-learning and instructional design, including episodes dedicated to e-assessment and online examination techniques.

The Teachers’ Education Review: While not solely focused on technology, this podcast occasionally features discussions on educational technology topics, including e-assessment and online examination developments.

Bonus resource

Last but not least, conferences are a great way to discover cutting-edge methods, techniques, and software solutions shaping the future of education. They offer a unique opportunity to engage with experts, share insights, and learn about the latest trends in e-assessment and digital learning. 

Test Community Network offers a comprehensive list of upcoming learning and assessment conferences. Don’t forget to let us know if you’re visiting one of them, if we’re there too, we’d love to connect! 

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