The time is right, but which online assessment platform is right for your organization?

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While the move to online assessment platforms is nothing new (with a whopping market size of $6.5 billion in 2019, and $11.47 billion expected by 2027), current market landscapes due to COVID-19 have forced the hand of those once reluctant to take the leap. Not only do these assessment platforms allow organizations to increase efficiency and save money across the board, they also simultaneously allow them to provide better services to their candidates, employees, and students.  

The options for online assessment platforms have never been so vast. Depending on your type of organization and scope of needs, some will be more fitting than others

Ease of Use

Apps are easy – but lacking.  Comprehensive end-to-end platforms can be overly complicated. Finding the perfect balance can be tricky.  Here, user experience is key, therefore make sure the platform is designed with the user in mind including an intuitive workflow and dashboard. Make sure the company is able to provide dedicated time for an in-person walk-through and is able to answer any questions that arise. 

Take into account the time to launch new assessments. There is no need to reinvent the wheel – make sure organization is able to transfer existing assessments and answer banks into their platform

Training and Support

Logistically, making the transfer from traditional testing to online assessment can be technically fraught and temporally dubious as the learning styles and technical experience of employees varies widely. In order to achieve fast and organisation-wide implementation and adoption, access to a support team is necessary, including access to 24/7 technical support.

Make sure you are guaranteed start-to-finish customer support helping you with every step including a key account manager that knows intimately the needs and goals of your organisation.  This includes kick-off meetings, progress calls, and communication via multiple channels (emails, calls, slack, google docs) and the capacity to schedule extra time for communication should the need arise. 

Organisational Fit

Take into account the scale and needs of your organisation. The ideal online assessment platform should be flexible and ready to meet the needs regardless of size or experience.

Make sure that the online assessment platform you are considering is proven in your market vertical – a platform should be able to provide testimonials and even contacts of happy clients

Consider, what type of question types does your organisation require? Many platforms can offer some combination of question types, but few are able to cover all question varieties across all industries.

Nothing may be more important in determining the fit of an online assessment platform for an organization than their budget.  Very small organizations may not see the same benefits from a comprehensive switch and should choose a platform that fulfills their most immediate needs without breaking the bank. Large organisations can save hundreds of thousands by using comprehensive online assessment platforms despite a large initial price point.  

Making the jump to online assessment platforms can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Taking into account your organizational needs and the strength and weaknesses of the available online assessment platforms, you can be sure to make the right decision toward an efficient digital transformation.

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Cristina Gilbert
Cristina Gilbert
Copywriter and digital content enthusiast, Cristina is motivated by the fast-paced world of e-assessment and the opportunities online exams give students to thrive.
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