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Results and Analytics

Cirrus helps you to make sense of your data

You can analyse how items, tests and learners are performing, and also track trends across departments, subjects and locations. Cirrus provides a series of rich, intuitive, reports that keep you fully in the picture and make your data work for you.

Key benefits

Score report

See the achievement levels of your candidates in different topic areas.

Psychometric performance data

Cirrus analyzes the performance data of your items and assessments automatically. You can use this data to quality assure your content.

Results API’s

Sending results data to external systems is a breeze using our readily available API’s.

Rescoring and result review sessions

Candidate appeals? No worries. With rescoring, you can change the questions, remove questions or give full marks to candidates after results have been released

Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) case study

To go where no man has gone before

TU/e’s goal was to choose an e-assessment platform supporting question types for exact sciences like mathematics, physics, computer science, as well as more “regular” question types, including open question types. Moreover, TU/e needed the possibility to gather learning analytics from the assessment platform.

In the true spirit of partnership, Cirrus has worked with TU/e to facilitate all their needs.