Press Release: Cirrus and Readspeaker Join Forces to Enhance Assessment Accessibility 

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Utrecht (The Netherlands), 09 January 2024 – For immediate release

Cirrus Assessment, an innovator in e-assessment solutions, and ReadSpeaker, a leader in educational content accessibility, announce their partnership to advance accessible and fair exams. 

This collaboration unites ReadSpeaker’s specialised text-to-speech technology with Cirrus Assessment’s comprehensive e-assessment platform, marking a significant step forward in embracing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to support a diverse range of learners. The integration, which has been available in Cirrus for some time, will now be jointly promoted, enhancing the accessibility and inclusivity of assessments globally. The partnership marks a commitment to making exam experiences fairer and more accessible for all test-takers, including those with dyslexia, second-language learners, visually impaired students, those with learning disabilities, or those who simply prefer audio incorporated into their exams. 

A Vision for the Future

This partnership is more than a mere collaboration; it’s teamwork towards a future where assessments are not only about evaluating knowledge but also about creating an environment where test-takers can engage with content the way that suits them, from anywhere in the world. With ReadSpeaker’s technology and Cirrus Assessment’s platform, the education sector is set to experience a big shift in how assessments are designed, delivered, and experienced. 

Cirrus Assessment’s COO Ela Slutski expressed, “I am thrilled about our partnership with ReadSpeaker. This is more than just a strategic joint venture; it’s a commitment to the fundamental values of fairness in education. At Cirrus, we understand that accessibility is not just a legal requirement but a moral one, ensuring every learner has an equal opportunity to succeed. By integrating ReadSpeaker’s tools with our e-assessment platform, we are setting a new standard in the industry. We’re addressing learners with different challenges. We’re allowing learners to take exams how they need or want to. This partnership is a big leap forward in our continuous effort to make exams more accessible for everyone.”

“ReadSpeaker is delighted to work with Cirrus Assessments to help organizations level the playing field for all students, making assessments more accessible, inclusive and engaging by using text to speech integrated directly within the Cirrus environment,” said Roy Lindemann, Chief Marketing Officer for ReadSpeaker

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About Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment is committed to simplifying the e-assessment experience. Their robust online exam platform allows educators and administrators to create better exams with advanced question types, blueprints, and psychometric data. With exceptional support and customer service, Cirrus leads the way in high-stakes exam security. The company offers integrated anti-cheating technology and boasts ISO 27001 certification and 99.9% uptime.  

About Readspeaker

ReadSpeaker has been bringing text-to-speech to education for over 24 years. Their proven suite of learning tools provides teachers, administrators, and students with the tools they need to make learning inclusive, accessible, and productive. 

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