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Our e-assessment platform is capable of delivering unrivalled question types, even for the sciences, ICT and financial services, all with auto-scoring

Most e-assessment platforms support the more common question types, like multiple choice, fill in the blank, hotspot and essay. But the true challenge comes when you want to assess more complex areas like exact sciences or accountancy. And it gets even harder when you want the ability for auto-scoring.
Cirrus has worked extensively with our customers to create true fit-for-purpose question types that do just that.

Mathematical question types

This question type was developed to support exact sciences like mathematics, economics, biology, physics and more. It’s fully auto-scored and allows for candidates to write complex equations.

What you get:

  • Parameterisation; Using variables in questions makes sure that the same question will look different for every candidate
  • A built-in formula editor; the powerful graphical formula editor allows users to create complex equations.
  • Question sets; this allows you to group questions into sets
  • Work-through error marking; partial marks are possible even though candidates make mistakes earlier in the assignment
  • Extensive automated feedback; candidates get automated feedback on how to solve the equations
  • A  readily available question bank; no time for creating mathematical questions? An extensive question bank of thousands of questions is available.

Programming question types

The Technical University of Eindhoven has always been a progressive university and in 2018 they approached Cirrus with the question to develop a programming question types, fully auto-scored. Thousands of hours later we are proud to announce that Cirrus is the only high-stakes e-assessment platform in the world offering a fully auto-scored programming question type, supporting more than 30 different programming languages.

What you get:

  • Support for more than 30 different programming languages; whether your students are writing code in Java, C# or Python, the programming question type in Cirrus is able to handle it
  • Advanced auto-scoring; sophisticated auto-scoring that deducts marks if candidates compile code unsuccessfully
  • Multiple test-cases; you can set up the scoring against multiple predefined test-cases
  • Debug, run, compile editor; just like in the real world, the question type allows the candidates to debug, run and compile the code

Financial statement question types

For accountancy, Cirrus has the perfect solution. With the flexible and powerful auto-scored question type for financial statements, you are able to assess your candidates with true fit-for-purpose question types.
The question is extremely flexible and you can create it to fit your exact needs.

What you get:

  • Advanced auto-scoring; allowing partial marks (polytomous scoring) and cell references (just like Excel)
  • Build your own financial statements; it’s easy to add rows and columns to the question, which gives you full flexibility

Candidates will love it too

A powerful built-in graphical formula editor allows users to create complex equations.
Candidates get extensive automated feedback on how to solve the equations.
Partial marks can be given even though candidates make mistakes earlier in the assignment.

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Cirrus is the next generation in e-Assessment. Cloud-based, easier to use, reliable and always up to date

Your assessments can be challenging but your assessment system shouldn’t be. At Cirrus, we’re dedicated to creating the most simple to use, engaging and affordable e-Assessment solution available.

Exam creation

Creating great assessments becomes so much easier with Cirrus. With simple and intuitive workflows and an extensive range of question types, Cirrus lets you focus on what’s important.

Exam delivery

Exam time can be stressful no matter how capable the candidate. Nothing should get in the way of your students getting the recognition they deserve. Our cloud-based system is instantly available and reliable, giving your candidates the best.

Marking and analysis

For your candidates, the hard work is over. But the process doesn’t stop there. Our marking tools make the next stage of the assessment cycle quick and efficient and reduce the chance of administrative errors. The data feeds directly into our reporting and analytics system giving you speedy access to the information you need to finalise your grades.

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