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The next generation in e-assessment, Cirrus is an end-to-end assessment platform that supports educators and learners throughout the assessment process: from creating and delivering digital exams to grading and analysis. Designed with ease of use in mind, Cirrus operates across any browser-enabled device and is cloud-based for increased availability and scalability.

Cirrus Platform is hosted by Amazon Web Services, the global leaders in cloud-based computing services. With an infrastructure that scales dynamically with demand, you can deliver assessments to your candidates with confidence and ease.

As the Cirrus Platform is a cloud-based, e-assessment solution, our users always have the latest version of the software available to them. Regular updates and new features are seamlessly delivered directly to you.

Award-winning platform

Winners ‘Best Transformational Project’ Award 2021

Cirrus has the honour of being an award-winning software.

Cirrus was awarded the ‘Best Transformational Project’ at the e-Assessment Awards 2021 for our wonderful collaboration with Chartered Accountants Ireland.



Remote proctoring

Cirrus offers both live proctoring and fully automated proctoring using artificial intelligence to detect cheating.

Test-center network

With Cirrus’ extensive global test center network you can be assured that you will be able to deliver your assessments anywhere in the world.

Paper-based delivery

With Cirrus you can do the complete authoring online and when the time comes to deliver the assessments, you simple click print.


Cirrus offers a range of training courses, ranging from single topic introductory courses to advanced and super-user training. We also offer customized training around specific customer goals and/or setups. 


We understand the importance of using your own brand towards your candidates. Our consultants can alter the user interface to match your corporate guidelines.


Cirrus has extensive experience working together with customers to develop new features. This becomes part of the platform and available to all customers.

What our customers say

“Very smooth implementation, very easy to use, great support”

Nyenrode Business University

“This is the future of assessment technology.”



“There is no other E-Assessment I would rather partner with than Cirrus”

Chartered Accountants Ireland

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