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Online Assessment Platform

Creating great assessments becomes easier with Cirrus.

For your candidates, the hard work is over. But the process doesn’t stop there. Our marking tools make the next stage of the assessment cycle quick and efficient.

Save time on exam creation


At Cirrus we believe that the key to success is not only deliver a wide range of functionalities, but also to make those functionalities accessible and easy to use. We spend considerable time and resources on making the platform as intuitive as possible. We follow guidelines set out by User Experience experts like Jacob Nielsen and Steve Krug. Our motto is: Easy for beginners and advanced for experienced users.

Intuitive interfaces, common sense workflows and easy navigation, the Cirrus e-Assessment Platform allows you to focus on what you want to do, create better assessments. A beautiful dashboard for your exam creation and delivery.



Remote proctoring

Cirrus offers both live proctoring and fully automated proctoring using artificial intelligence to detect cheating.

Test-center network

With Cirrus’ extensive global test center network you can be assured that you will be able to deliver your assessments anywhere in the world.

Paper-based delivery

With Cirrus you can do the complete authoring online and when the time comes to deliver the assessments, you simple click print.


Cirrus offers a range of training courses, ranging from single topic introductory courses to advanced and super-user training. We also offer customized training around specific customer goals and/or setups. 


We understand the importance of using your own brand towards your candidates. Our consultants can alter the user interface to match your corporate guidelines.


Cirrus has extensive experience working together with customers to develop new features. This becomes part of the platform and available to all customers.

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Assessment Creation

Cirrus has very powerful assessment creation functionality, including blueprint, multiple forms, versioning and collaborative authoring. Combined with automatic collection of psychometric data you can be ensured that the assessments will be of the highest quality and valid and reliable for your learners.

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Schedule your assessments

Once the assessments have been published, they can be scheduled. This can be done either through the user interface of Cirrus or through external systems, using our API’s.

Scheduling can be done centrally or de-centrally (by the centres/faculties). Scheduled assessments can be delivered on-screen, on paper, or as remote proctored assessments.

The scheduler(s) have a convenient dashboard where they can find relevant information about the schedule as well as an overview of latest changes to the schedule

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Delivery Platform

Cirrus is focused on the high-stakes testing market (although most customers also use it for formative testing), where failure is not an option. We therefore spend substantial time on making sure the application is as secure and robust as possible. We understand as no other how important it is for you to trust the assessment platform.

We have implemented military-grade encryption, fail-safes in case of Internet connection loss, monitoring of the exam sessions and much more.

“Very smooth implementation, very easy to use, great support”

Nyenrode Business University

“Cirrus stood out from the others by providing a smart, modern and easy to use solution.”


“There is no other E-Assessment I would rather partner with than Cirrus”

Chartered Accountants Ireland

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