October Software Update: Real-Time Actionable Insights With The Invigilator Dashboard & More

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As the weather cools down and autumn arrives, we’re excited to usher in a season of change and renewal! So, cosy up, grab your favourite fall treat, and dive into these new features we’ve built just for you! 

October Cirrus upgrades

Improved Invigilator Dashboard

No more navigating a black box during exams; with our enhanced Invigilator Dashboard, real-time insights are at your fingertips. Monitor candidates’ progress, pause exams, communicate, and promptly address any issues by granting extra time as needed. This immediate, intuitive control doesn’t just empower you—it transforms potential setbacks into actionable insights, ensuring a smooth, transparent exam process for all.

What’s New: 

Customisable Table Component: You can now customise columns in the dashboard, ensuring you see what matters most to you.

Enhanced Filtering Capabilities: Our advanced filtering options are a game-changer, helping you swiftly sort and locate specific data.

IP Address Visibility: We’ve integrated the feature to display the IP address for each invigilation setup, giving you peace of mind and enhanced tracking abilities.

Browser Agent Information: Because context matters, you can now view browser information. This addition aids in providing a fuller picture of each invigilation context.

Keycode Overview: Having keycodes displayed in the overview streamlines your process and saves time.

Export to Excel: Reporting and analysing have become much easier with the new ability to export your attendance data seamlessly to an Excel spreadsheet. 

Consult our Knowledge Base for any other questions you may have.

Assessment Forms Tab Overview

Imagine an overview that simplifies your life by putting the most important metrics front and center. Now, key insights about your exam’s fairness, difficulty, and effectiveness are right there at a glance. This means quicker, more informed decisions that directly improve the quality of your assessments. It’s not about new data; it’s about easier access to the data that matters, making your workflow smoother and your exams better.

What’s New:

Adaptive Table Component: Customisation made easy. Tailor the columns to your preferences, ensuring an efficient and focused view of your dashboard.

Introducing Informative Columns:

  •  “Avg. Angoff”: For those utilising the Angoff method, the average Angoff score is now conveniently displayed. Want to learn all about Angoff? Check out our blog for answers to your questions.
  • “Status”: See whether a question is Easy, Medium, or Hard.
  • “Avg. Rit”: Drawing parallels with our performance data, the average Rit value is now at your fingertips.
  • “Reliability”: Similar to our performance data, the reliability metric is readily available.

Head over to our Knowledge Base for more!

Improved Preliminary Report Functionalities

Running a preliminary report has always been useful for tracking real-time marking progress, helping you spot issues and make adjustments on the fly. With the new data columns in the ‘Export Results’ feature, you can now do even more. These additions make it easier to pinpoint areas that may need extra attention, whether it’s a question that’s taking too long to mark or a potential security concern. It’s practical, actionable information that helps you manage your assessments more efficiently and securely.

What’s New:

New Columns Added:

  • IP Address: Keep track of the unique address of your connections, adding an extra layer of information and security.
  • Time Spent: This will help you monitor the duration of activities, allowing for better time management and efficiency insights.
  • Marking Progress Status: Gain real-time insights into your marking workflow with statuses that reflect your progress accurately.

Enhanced Marking Progress Status Options:

  • 1st Marking Complete
  • 2nd Marking Complete
  • Moderation Phases: Monitor moderation processes more closely with three detailed steps.
    • Moderation (1st Step Complete)
    • Moderation (2nd Step Complete)
    • Moderation (3rd Step Complete)
  • N/A: For items where these statuses aren’t applicable.
  • Autoscored: Automatically updated status for activities scored by the system, saving you time and effort.

New title headers:

What’s coming up in November and beyond? 

Improved Forms Page

In November, we’re enhancing the Forms Page: We’re adding the new table component to enhance your filtering, sorting, and search options, making it more efficient to manage questions and sections.The quick visibility of labels and difficulty levels further streamlines your workflow.

Angoff Passmarks

We’re further adding the ability to use the Angoff method for setting passmarks. This new feature allows you to calibrate passmarks based on the exam’s difficulty, thereby increasing both the accuracy and fairness of your assessments.

Form Difficulty 

We’re introducing a new feature that allows you to set the difficulty of your forms with unparalleled precision. For example, you can allocate 20% to easy questions, 60% to medium, and 20% to hard questions. This feature is a game-changer for those of you using randomly generated forms. It combines the security benefits of randomisation with the assurance of test fairness, ensuring each form is balanced in terms of difficulty.

If you use manual question selection, look out for major updates coming after November!

Improved Library pages 

We’re rolling out updates to the Library Pages in Cirrus to enhance your asset management experience. With these improvements, you’ll find it easier than ever to organise and manage your collections, items, and media elements. The updated interface offers streamlined navigation and more intuitive controls, saving you time and reducing the complexity of managing your educational resources. Whether you’re archiving past exams or curating a media library, these upgrades make the process more efficient and user-friendly.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We’re here to ensure your transition to these new enhancements is smooth and beneficial. And as always, our Knowledge Base is home to a wealth of information about past, present, and future updates.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Happy exploring, and here’s to a more efficient and insightful experience with our updated system.

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