June 2023 Cirrus Update: Improved Candidate Experience & Autoscored Exams Workflow

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We’re excited to present you with the June Cirrus software update, where we’re constantly upgrading our platform and fine-tuning because of your feedback! This month, we’ve introduced significant enhancements and features to allow flexible exam navigation and give you a better overview of your autoscored exams status. Here’s what you can look forward to with our new update: 

13 June, 2023 Upgrades

Enhanced candidate experience with Navigation in Sections 

We’ve made exam navigation more flexible for test-takers!

  • Freedom in exam order: Candidates can now choose the order in which they answer questions. This means they can tackle the parts they feel most comfortable with first, boosting their confidence and giving candidates more flexibility.
  • Less stress for test-takers: This new approach can help to significantly lower stress levels during exams. By allowing test-takers to approach the exam in a way that suits them best, we aim to create a more relaxed and positive testing environment.
  • Controlled navigation: Even with this new freedom, you maintain overall control of the exam process. The ‘Navigation in sections’ feature ensures candidates can freely move between sections, but can only progress forward within each individual section.

‘Autosaving’ Office365 questions

We’ve upgraded the autosave feature for Office365 for candidates:

  • Automatic saving: With our latest update, candidates’ changes to Office365 questions are automatically saved as they complete their exams. This ensures that all their work is preserved, even without manually clicking a ‘Save’ button.
  • Ease of use: This improvement means a simpler, smoother experience for candidates. They can focus entirely on their answers without worrying about losing their work due to forgetting to hit ‘Save’.
  • Peace of mind: Candidates can be confident that their latest changes are securely stored as soon as they submit their exam. This reduces the stress of potentially losing their work and allows them to focus fully on their performance.

27 June, 2023 Upgrade

Improved Autoscored Exam Results Publishing Workflow

We’ve addressed your feedback and improved the publishing workflow for auto-scored exam results:

  • Instant Results publishing: We’ve removed the delays that occurred with previous versions. Now, the results of autoscored exams are published immediately after a candidate submits their exam. This means no more waiting around for schedules to end before viewing results.
  • Up-to-date Results status: We’ve updated the ‘Published Date’ to reflect when the exam was submitted by the candidate. Plus, instead of seeing “N/A” for pending attempts in the “Published Date” column, you’ll now see “Pending final result.” This gives you a clearer picture of each candidate’s progress.
  • Clear status labels: For exams with multiple attempts, we’ve improved the status labels. You’ll now see “Intermediary Result” for pending attempts, which makes it easier to understand that these are not the final outcomes. Once all attempts are completed, the status will update to “Final Result.”

These changes provide a smoother, more user-friendly experience and give you quicker, clearer access to autoscored exam results.

For more information on all of these updates, please check out our Knowledge Base

A sneak peek at what’s coming up next

We’re forging ahead with the new table component, making huge improvements to your day-to-day use of Cirrus. Generally, we’re making it much easier to manage all your data in Cirrus, by letting you filter, sort, search, and (un)archive it. You will also be able to customise each view to your liking, by adding or removing table columns as needed.


Coordinator Overview

We’re also adding some upgrades specifically to the Coordinator Overview: It will now show you the marking progress of all your assessments in one consolidated view. This will save a lot of time, allowing coordinators to quickly assess the overall status of assessments without having to navigate through multiple screens. It also helps them identify any potential bottlenecks or imbalances in marking workload, and take appropriate action to ensure smooth progress.

Another improvement we’ve implemented – following feedback from customers – is the possibility to view scheduled assessments with a simple workflow in the Coordinator Overview, and change assessors if necessary. Previously, you could only view assessments with extended marking workflow, which sometimes led to issues if the assigned assessor became unavailable.

Schedule Overview

Aside from the general search, filter and sorting improvements, we’re also adding a very handy new feature to the Schedule Overview: You will be able to see at a glance how the scheduled assessment is secured, either with Safe Exam Browser or Proctorio, or not secured at all (see the last column in the screenshot below).


Coordinator Dashboard

The first step in the coordinator improvements will be released in the next couple of weeks, but we are already well underway with the development of the next stage of these improvements! The all-new Coordinator Dashboard will let coordinators zoom in and view a detailed report of the progress of each allocated assessor/moderator, as well as their activity level.

This helps ensure that assessments are being marked as planned and within the designated timelines. Coordinators can identify assessors who might be falling behind schedule or facing challenges, and proactively intervene by providing additional guidance, support, or resources. They can also reassign assessments if necessary to avoid any negative impact on the overall assessment process.

Thank you for your continuous support, and we look forward to delivering further improvements in the future. Stay tuned!

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