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The Power of Next-generation e-Assessment

Cirrus has a wide range of features and was developed with your needs in mind. If you want to know more, reach out to Cirrus today and be prepared to be wowed.

Fit for purpose exams

With Cirrus you can create truly powerful exams that will test the skills of your candidates.

Interactive question types ranging from language skills testing to advanced computer science, mathematics, and economics.

Cirrus supports:

  • Parameterised questions, which means that questions look different each time
  • Automatic feedback to students
  • Work-through errors (early-on mistakes in assignments will be taken into account)
  • Fully auto-scored

Language skills testing

Cirrus is perfect for language learners. With built-in audio recording as well as possibilities to control audio settings during exam delivery, you can truly deliver next level language exams.

  • Full built-in support for audio
  • Control the number of playbacks, pausing and rewinding of audio
  • Automatic feedback to candidates

Flexible exam delivery

Whether you want to deliver your exams online at home, in test centres, or on paper, Cirrus has you covered – all while keeping the exam integrity high.

  • Built-in state-of-the-art remote proctoring
  • Fully web-based exam engine supporting offline delivery
  • Print and scan, supporting eMarking

Give your candidates insight into their results

Decide when to give your candidates access to the results. Feedback can be given automatically, which saves you lots of time and lets the candidates learn from their mistakes.

  • Immediate feedback
  • Schedule candidate review sessions
  • Show achievement levels in different topic areas

Collaborate and share

Creating better assessments starts with good processes for quality assurance. Cirrus supports advanced workflows for collaboration and review.

  • Share item banks and assessments with colleagues
  • Set up elaborate workflows
  • Versioning on items and assessments

Powerful marking workflow

The built-in marking tool in Cirrus is truly powerful, allowing you to annotate directly in the candidate responses, connect and mark rubrics, and set up advanced marking workflows.

  • View marking progress
  • Multiple assessors and moderation, including anonymous marking
  • Set up marking by items or candidates

Marking has never been simpler

Save time on the powerful yet very intuitive marking tool in Cirrus that lets you be in control of the marking process.

  • Annotate directly onto the candidate response
  • Support for rubrics
  • Give feedback to your candidates
  • Collaborate with co-assessors and moderators
  • View the progress at any time

eMarking for more flexibility

Not quite ready to let go of paper-based exams? No worries, Cirrus has built-in support for print and scan that allows you to scan handwritten exam responses and mark them on-screen in Cirrus.

  • Supports both closed and open questions
  • Integral part of the Cirrus platform
  • Leverage on the power of the Cirrus marking tool for paper-based exams
  • Annotate directly on the paper-submission

Blueprint exam creation

Build your exams using the powerful blueprint tool that allows you to define the areas you want to test and the weighing of the different topic areas.

  • Use learning objectives and taxonomies or topics to create exam blueprints
  • Generate one or more test forms based on the blueprint
  • Pre-defined test forms or linear on the fly (random test forms)

Never miss a thing

With the convenient tasks and notifications centre you will always be kept up to date with the latest happenings in the platform. Assign tasks to individual users with deadlines and get notified when deadlines are getting near.

  • Task manager
  • Assign tasks to individual users
  • Set up email notifications

Reporting at your fingertips

Get access to reports on candidate performances as well as psychometric data on item and assessment level.

Coming soon: the possibility to create your own reporting dashboard by drilling down in the data available in Cirrus.

Stay on top during exam delivery

The invigilator/proctor has access to a convenient dashboard that allows you to monitor the exam session. Here you will see live information that helps you stay on top when organising large exam events.

  • Pause, give extra time or void exams
  • View proctored recordings
  • Send direct messages to your candidates
  • Control time spent on the exam and see when candidates submits
  • View audit trail logs of candidates


In our strive to make our exam platform be as intuitive as possible, Cirrus has convenient dashboards that help guide you through the process of creating your exam content and mark them afterwards.

  • Shows steps needed to complete
  • Task manager allows you to create and assign tasks
  • Summary of details of the collections, assessments etc.
  • Change log that allows you to track changes

Manage with ease

Whether you are delivering 1,000 tests a year, or 100,000, Cirrus makes sure it’s kept easy. With a rich set of well-documented APIs Cirrus can be set up to integrate with any type of external system, whether that is a system for managing your users, exam bookings, or having a single-sign-on with your candidate portal, Cirrus got you covered.

  • SAML 2.0 for authentication
  • IMS LTI 1.3 for LMS integration

Microsoft 365 integration

With the built-in Microsoft 365 integration, your candidates can work directly with Office documents during exam delivery. Need your candidates to work in Excel online on a complex balance sheet during exam delivery? Look no further, Cirrus has the solution.

  • Supports Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Fully web-based, no local installation is needed
  • No Microsoft account required by the candidates
  • All the features of the Microsoft suite at your fingertips during exam delivery

We take privacy and security very seriously

Your data is in safe hands with Cirrus. We’ve built processes and procedures around protecting your data and are completely GDPR compliant, and complies to the processes laid out in ISO 9001 and 27001.

  • Encryption of data at rest in transit
  • Hosting centres around the world that complies with local regulations
  • Strict internal procedures
  • Regular pen-tests

Unequaled speed, unlimited scalability

With Cirrus state of the art hosting at Amazon Web Services, combined with the latest technology in web application development, Cirrus guarantees an unrivaled performance.

  • Hosted at AWS, using elastic load balancing
  • Regular performance tests to stay on top
  • Unlimited scalability

Ready to find out more?