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Exam delivery

Deliver high-stakes exams with confidence

Exam time can be stressful no matter how capable the candidate. Nothing should get in the way of your students getting the recognition they deserve. Our cloud-based system is instantly available and reliable, giving your candidates the best.

Key benefits

Supports offline delivery

With the unique offline mode of Cirrus you can be assured that exam sittings will not be compromised if Internet connectivity drops.

Paper-based and on-screen delivery

Don’t have enough computers to deliver high volume of tests on-screen? With Cirrus’ print and scan solution you can deliver the assessments on paper and scan the candidate submissions. All results will automatically be sent back to Cirrus.

Highest degree of security and robustness

Cirrus has many years of experience in making sure your content and exam deliveries have the highest degree of security. With built-in encryption, lock-down mode and more, you can rest easy.

Accessibility support, including text-to-speech

A culture and ethos of excellence drives true quality and innovation. We strive not only to satisfy our customers, but to exceed their expectations.

Range of delivery solutions

Whether you are delivering assessments in your own test centers, want to utilise our secure automated AI remote proctoring, or our global test centre network? You are in good hands with Cirrus.

“Modern GUI – our users love it”

Boston Consulting Group

Case study: Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI) 

A true partnership

In the autumn of 2018, CAI did a tender process to select a provider for both remote proctoring and end-to-end e-assessment platform. After a thorough process, the choice fell on Cirrus and ProctorU. The partnership stood out from the rest by being innovative and user-friendly and gave CAI the confidence that they would be well taken care of.