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Exam creation

Powerful authoring capabilities at your fingertips

Creating great assessments becomes so much easier with Cirrus. With simple and intuitive workflows and an extensive range of question types, Cirrus lets you focus on what’s important.

Key benefits

Advanced workflow for quality assurance

Collaborate with colleagues or external subject-matter experts to create the best possible items and assessments.

Revision history with audit trail

Track changes made during the authoring process, compare versions and check how psychometric data compares between versions.

Powerful question types

Offering a wide range of auto-scored and human-marked question types, such as advanced mathematical question types with auto-scoring of complex equations or context-sensitive programming question types with support for over 20 programming languages.

Supporting international standards

Whether you want to import items, users or export results, Cirrus supports open international standards like IMS QTI, Rest API’s and more.

Build assessments using blueprints

Blueprints allow you to create assessments based on set criteria. Combined with multiple forms and support for Linear On the Fly Testing (LOFT) it truly makes for powerful assessment creation.

Multiple forms

Prevent cheating by creating multiple forms; each candidate will get assigned a different test-form.

“Agile and accessible”

National Council for the Training of Journalists

Case study: National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ)

A bold decision

The introduction of e-assessment by the National Council for the Training of Journalists was a huge step for the organisation and for the journalism industry as a whole. Faced with growing challenges around the authenticity and security of their paper-based exams and demands from a fast-changing digital media industry, the NCTJ needed to make bold decisions.