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The 7 biggest benefits and how to achieve them

The benefits of online assessment can be substantial. However, navigating the world of online exam platforms can be a bewildering experience, whether you’re switching from pen-and-paper or looking for a new platform. In this FREE e-book, we share the 7 main benefits that e-assessment offers and explain how YOU can achieve them too. You will learn how e-assessment can help you:

  • Grow your target market.
  • Combat cheating and protect sensitive data.
  • Optimise your entire learning and assessment process.
  • Deliver fair, inclusive exams.


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What you can expect:

  • A practical guide to achieving all the benefits online assessment offers.
  • Quick-win tips on using the power of tech to streamline your assessment process.
  • Advice on using advanced features to save time and money on the most labour-intensive stages.