E-Assessment Conference – Cirrus is Back in London!

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As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming e-Assessment Conference & Awards on June 6th and 7th, taking place in the vibrant heart of London, we are deeply honoured and excited to share this unique experience with all of you! We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible strides our global e-assessment community has made in leveraging digital technologies to transform the world of education, and propel the industry forward as a whole.

The e-Assessment Awards honour the pinnacle of achievement within the digital assessment community, and we are proud to be finalists in the category ‘The Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment Award’.  2023 has indeed been a banner year and we’ve witnessed a host of international projects and organisations shining a bright light on the potential of technology-enhanced assessments, demonstrating that this revolution is not just the future – it is the here and now.

This year’s conference is not to be missed. Over two days, we’ll immerse ourselves in a space rich with forward-thinking discussions, insightful panels, and interactive sessions, all orchestrated to expose us to new perspectives and ideas. We’ve compiled a list of presentations we’re interested in, and think you won’t want to skip!

Top presentations

Anthony Nicols, British Council – ‘Agile Innovation in Assessment Design and Delivery: A New Approach’

Anthony will explain how innovation only happens under very specific environments – an agile ecosystem and cross-matrix team. He’s passionate and fascinated by architectural innovation, coupled with an employee and customer-first mentality.

Why we recommend it: We believe in an agile, customer-centred way of working

Jeremy Carter, CEO Sentira – ‘The Intersection of Authenticity and Assessment: VR and AI in Medical Assessment’

Jeremy will present how VR and AI technologies have the potential to revolutionise the medical training field by providing realistic simulations during medical exams.

Why we recommend it: We’re suckers for cutting-edge AI technology, especially when it comes to enhancing exam environments in a profoundly realistic way.

David Yunger, CEO Vaital – ‘AI in Assessments: Is the Future Out of Control?’

Davis discusses AI in assessments, it can be a wonderful tool and a powerful ally, but it also has the potential to get out of control. When do we need to control it? When is it “too much”? 

Why we recommend it: while we recognise the powerful potential of AI, we also acknowledge that we must respect it and put the reins on it when needed. 

We will have the chance to engage with thought leaders, innovative tech companies, and fellow e-assessment professionals who are actively shaping the landscape of exams and education.

Key highlights to look out for include the unveiling of cutting-edge assessment technologies, presentations from this year’s nominees, each a beacon of groundbreaking work in the field, and of course, the grand Awards Ceremony itself. In a vibrant testament to the transformative power of technology in assessment, these presentations and discussions will reveal the remarkable innovations that are changing the face of testing.

As excited as we are to attend the conference, we are equally excited to explore the city of London.  

Best eats:

  • If it’s beef Wellington you want, look no further than Bob Bob Ricard in SoHo.  With its vibrant interior inspired by the Orient Express, amazing food, and a ‘press for champagne’ (who doesn’t want that in every room?) button at the table, we’re looking forward to this dining experience
  • It’s no secret that London is known for some of the best curries, and for this, we recommend Sheba House. Don’t just take our word for it, it has won a string of ‘bests’ awards since opening in 1974, most recently taking the award for ‘best Indian restaurant on Brick Lane’, which is world-renowned for being THE area for curries in London.
  • If you’re looking for a cosy, authentic pub experience to grab a Sunday roast and a pint, we recommend The Seven Stars. Established in 1602, it has earned the honour of ‘London’s Oldest Pub”, surviving the London fire of 1666, British dynasties that have come and gone, and the blitz in WW2. 

Best things to do:

It’s summer, so while London is full of beautiful museums and cosy pubs, we thought we’d recommend outdoor activities designed to soak up the summer sun!

  • See a play in an outside theatre – ever wondered what it’s like to live in the era of Shakespeare? Wonder no more! See plays at various open air theatres while the weather is nice and they’re open for the summer.
  • Have some seafood entrees and delicious cocktails with a rooftop view of the city at Seabird, located on top of the Hoxton Hotel. Although it’s open year-round, you may only get the chance to experience a sunny rooftop in London during the summer!
  • Have a picnic at the famous Primrose Hill, known for drawing crowds during the summer and its iconic view of the London City skyline. 

We are thrilled to be a part of this celebration, honoured by being a finalist for the 2023 awards, and incredibly excited for what lies ahead. It’s a great privilege to witness the evolution of e-assessment, and we can’t wait to explore the future together at the e-Assessment Awards Conference.

See you in London!

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Cristina Gilbert
Copywriter and digital content enthusiast, Cristina is motivated by the fast-paced world of e-assessment and the opportunities online exams give students to thrive.
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