e-Assessment Conference 2022: Cirrus to present case study with University of Pretoria

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We are excited to announce that we will be presenting at this year’s E-Assessment Conference in London! Together with Detken Scheepers and Dr. Wimpie Beeken of University of Pretoria and our own CEO Vegard Sivertsen, we will be sharing tips on how to successfully implement a digital exam platform that over 50,000 of their students will use. Catch us in the Main Room on Tuesday 21 June at 16.20!

In 2021, Cirrus Assessment and the University of Pretoria collaborated to centralise computer-based assessment data banks on various campuses into one central software solution. The successful implementation demonstrates that with the right preparations, centralising assessment can be a smooth process with minimal risk. 

Our presentation will outline the best practices for implementing a digital exam platform, highlighting:

The importance of a close partnership

The institution and the assessment provider should be thick as thieves. Being able to work in sync to develop additional required features and truly build a custom platform that tailors to the institution’s needs is key.

A well-defined project plan

Every project is based on resource use; including staffing, equipment, budget, office space, and time. Without proper planning, it’s nearly impossible to make sure an organisation allocates and uses resources in the most cost-effective and appropriate way. A well-defined project plan with specific goals and success criteria will be instrumental in keeping a project on track.

The team of professionals is making a decision together

Organisation-wide stakeholder buy-in

Buy-in is more than just a thumbs up, it’s crucial to the success of the project. It requires actual understanding of the project’s goals and the metrics that will determine success, as well as agreement to enforce or implement whatever solution is being created. It’s an all-hands-on-deck experience.

Dedicated project leaders

It should come as no surprise that project leaders are some of the most important people in the entire implementation process, as they have the skill set to plan, organise, execute, and bring the project to a close. 

Curious to know more? We will be illustrating our best practices and lessons learnt  at the E-Assessment Conference Tuesday June 21st at 16.20 in the main room.

We are so proud to be presenting with consummate professionals Detken Scheepers and Dr. Wimpie Beeken:

Detken Scheepers is the Head: e-Learning at the Department for Education Innovation, University of Pretoria, where she is responsible for the management of a group of passionate e-education professionals.  Her ambition includes the use of e-assessment across the university, from the selection of systems to the functional support of lecturers in their use of e-assessment.

Dr. Wimpie Beeken is a Senior project manager at University of Pretoria with more than 20 years of experience in various industries.  A passionate learner who thrives in intellectually challenging business landscapes which demand quick adaption to new roles, processes and technologies. Producing AI and digital transformation idea generation for input to strategic plans which are supported by esteemed self-research concluded in these fields.

Vegard Sivertsen, the CEO of Cirrus, the online exam platform

With degrees in computer science and psychology, Cirrus’ CEO Vegard Sivertsen has been at the leading edge of education technology since 1999, when he and four others started the company itslearning, which became the leading LMS on the European market. In 2013, with a vision to transform the e-assessment landscape, Vegard founded Cirrus Assessment, the only e-assessment platform that combines the easy-to-use features of a simple app with the rich functionality of a fully featured, high end platform.

We look forward to seeing old and new faces in London as we present this very exciting success story with University of Pretoria. Are you attending the conference this year? Feel free to drop us a line if you would like to meet up with our team!

Read the full success story of the University of Pretoria here.

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Vegard Sivertsen
Cirrus’ founder and CEO is passionate about the potential of EdTech to transform how we teach and assess skills and knowledge.
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