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Test delivery solutions

Our range of solutions for test and exam delivery

Whether you are delivering assessments in your own test centers, want to utilize our secure automated AI remote proctoring, or our global test center network? You are in good hands with Cirrus.

Remote proctoring

Fully automated AI proctoring

Interested in having the flexibility to deliver high-stakes assessments to candidates at home, but afraid of the security aspects? No worries

Remote proctoring allows the candidates to submit their assessment from home, in a secure environment as they are being monitored by a remote proctor.

Cirrus offers both live proctoring and fully automated proctoring using artificial intelligence to detect cheating.

Test-center network

Global reach, local service

Do you deliver assessments all over the world? No worries. With Cirrus’ extensive global test center network you can be assured that you will be able to deliver your assessments anywhere in the world.

Paper-based delivery

Print and scan for efficient paper-based delivery

You want to start using online assessment creation tools, but don’t have the necessary infrastructure to deliver high volumes on-screen? No worries. With Cirrus you can do the complete authoring online and when the time comes to deliver the assessments, you simple click print. Even better, you can also scan the candidate responses and the results will automatically be sent back to Cirrus.

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