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There’s nothing like an in-person conference to find out what is hot and happening in the industry. And the first in-person ATP Conference in 2 years’ time definitely gave us plenty of food for thought! 

Artificial intelligence in remote testing

This year’s theme was ‘Innovations in Testing’ and what better way to look to the future than Cirrus’ coffee chat presentation! There was a lot of buzz this year surrounding the topic of the use of Artificial Intelligence in remote testing, including the many benefits and concerns. Where should AI start and stop?  Does AI make exams more or less inclusive?

In our coffee chat we discussed the many opportunities for AI in digital assessments, the barriers to implementation, and how we can prevent bias by involving people from a wide variety of backgrounds from the beginning and by building in regular control moments. Love it, hate it, or fear it…AI is here to stay for the E-Assessment world and by and large, is here to improve the way we test.


Move away from testing centers

Another trend popular at this year’s conference was a topic that needs no introduction at this point: COVID-19.  Specifically, pushing the world of exams in an online direction. The way of the testing center would have slowly died out eventually, as the world moves in a more tech-driven direction, but COVID-19 definitely made the move to remote learning, proctoring, and testing much more urgent.

To illustrate the importance of moving away from pen-and-paper to digital testing, Cirrus’ own CEO Vegard Sivertsen presented the case study that ended up winning us the E-Assessment Award for ‘Best Transformational Project’. Faced with the rising costs of testing centers and the fast-paced demands of a world going digital, Chartered Accountants Ireland knew they needed to make an enterprising decision to transform their institution and approached Cirrus. Instead of a 2 year rollout to switch from testing centers to online exams, covid forced them to require the switch to be done in 2 months.  Never one to back down from a challenge, Cirrus got to work right away. We were so proud to share our story at ATP.

Vertical integration

The third trend we really saw taking off in 2022 is digital badging as the end result of vertical integrations. Even though it’s in its infancy as far as large exam platforms are concerned, digital badges are awarded to everything from higher stakes accomplishments, such as completing a rigorous examination or passing a course, to skills that exist alongside or outside of a traditional diploma that might look appealing to employers.

As learning and examinations move to a digital sphere, so should credentialing, all in one platform. We learned at ATP that assessment institutions want to see a one-stop-shop when it comes to e-assessment – booking, assessment, and credentialing should all integrate seamlessly in order to give the absolute best user experience.

We were so happy to meet so many innovators at this year’s conference and cannot wait to see what the future holds. We will always be at the forefront of education technology, so keep your eyes on Cirrus to see what we have in store for you!

Didn’t get a chance to visit our (virtual) booth? Contact our team or book a free demo to experience our e-assessment platform for yourself!