Cirrus Integrations

Unlock the full potential of e-assessment with proctoring and accessibility add-ons, advanced question types, and integrate your entire assessment process - from booking to credentialing.

Authentic Testing

E-assessment has transformed learner evaluation, delivering more authentic and realistic testing scenarios. Cirrus offers you 20+ question types to test all facets of knowledge. Our integrations take this even further: You can test candidates not just on theoretical knowledge, but on practical application in contexts they’ll face professionally. 

The Microsoft Office 365 integration allows candidates to use a fully functional, web-based version of Word, Excel or PowerPoint to answer your questions:
Comprehensive Office 365 Access

Allow candidates to tap into all the functionalities of Office 365. From intricate calculations and data analysis, this feature is particularly useful in finance and accounting exams.

Authentic Question Types

Design questions that mirror real-world tasks. Utilise the very platforms candidates are likely to encounter in professional settings, ensuring authenticity in testing.

See how it looks:
Licence-Free Experience

Ensure a level playing field. With our integration, all students can access and benefit from Office 365 features without any additional licence requirements.

The SOWISO question type is an open-ended format designed to accept answers in the form of intricate mathematical formulas, pushing the boundaries of conventional testing:
Autoscored Responses

Say goodbye to manual scoring. Our system automatically evaluates answers, offering targeted feedback, saving both time and money.

Deepened Comprehension

With SOWISO's unique question type, candidates are encouraged to hone their problem-solving abilities and attain a profound understanding of mathematical and scientific principles.

Work-Through Errors

The advanced scoring algorithm factors in calculation mistakes made by candidates while solving equations. Similar to human marking, candidates aren't fully penalised for these errors.

See how it looks:
Unique Question Generation

One of the ingenious features of SOWISO is its ability to use random parameters. This results in creating distinct questions for every candidate, substantially reducing the chances of cheating.

The VPL Execution Server lets you test candidates’ programming knowledge in a secure and scalable environment:
Multilingual Programming Languages

Offer candidates the flexibility to write and debug code in various programming languages, catering to a wide array of technical proficiencies and ensuring comprehensive assessments.

Efficient Handling of Multiple Requests

Designed with scalability at its heart, the VPL Execution Server effortlessly manages multiple simultaneous requests, ensuring smooth assessment processes even during high-demand periods.

Advanced Autoscoring

Autoscore computer programming code in 40+ different computer languages. The algorithm evaluates candidates based on the number of attempts they make to compile code successfully. Fewer compilation attempts result in higher scores.

Safe Code Evaluation

We prioritise both test integrity and data safety. User-submitted code is run and evaluated in a secure sandbox, effectively guarding against unauthorised access to sensitive information and crucial system resources.

See how it looks:

Streamlining Your Assessments

The efficiency and effectiveness of e-assessments hinge on seamless integration. By leveraging tools like SAML 2.0 for authentication, Creatio for candidate management, IMS LTI 1.3 for LMS compatibility, Credly for digital badge issuance, and REST API for virtually any external system, we’ve crafted a cohesive ecosystem that simplifies and enhances the assessment process. 

The widely used SAML 2.0 standard simplifies the assessment process by providing consistent and secure single sign-on access to multiple platforms without multiple logins:
Sign-On (SSO)

With SAML 2.0, users sign in once and gain access across multiple applications. This eliminates repeated login hassles and enhances user experience.

Unified Identity Across Platforms

Thanks to federated identity management, SAML 2.0 ensures consistent user identities across various service providers, allowing for easier user management.

Harness the combined strength of Cirrus and Creatio with this integration that doesn't just let you manage candidates, but do so with unparalleled efficiency: Reduce administrative tasks, speed up operations, and minimise errors:
Streamlined Scheduling

Organise, schedule, and manage exams effortlessly. This integration ensures that bookings are precise, reducing the risk of overbookings or scheduling conflicts.

Unified Reporting

Access all candidate results from one platform. This integrated approach accelerates evaluations, making it easier to derive actionable insights and feedback.

IMS LTI 1.3 seamlessly integrates Cirrus with your LMS, reducing administrative steps and enhancing operational efficiency. This centralised approach minimises errors and saves educators valuable time:
Direct Access

Say goodbye to multiple logins and platform-hopping. With this integration, users can directly launch the Cirrus dashboard or exam from within their preferred LMS, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

Cohesive Learning and Assessment:

By integrating Cirrus via IMS LTI 1.3 with your LMS, you're creating a cohesive digital learning environment. This ensures that learning resources and assessment tools work in harmony, elevating the educational experience for both educators and learners.

Immediate Results Transfer

The strength of IMS LTI 1.3 lies not just in integration but also in synchronisation. After an exam is completed in Cirrus, results are immediately channelled back to your LMS, ensuring all data is housed in a single, accessible location.

This integration simplifies the once cumbersome process of issuing and overseeing credentials, allowing educators and administrators to focus on core educational tasks without getting bogged down in manual badge management:
Enhanced Productivity

With the Credly integration, the entire badge issuance process is automated, reducing administrative workload and enabling a quicker turnaround.

Open Badges

Let your candidates earn Open Badges upon successful completion of assessments. These digital badges serve as verifiable credentials and can be easily added to their LinkedIn profiles, enhancing their professional visibility and credibility.

Reliability and Accuracy

Integrated systems mean reduced manual data entry, minimising the chances of errors in badge issuance and management.

Harness the power of our robust and well-documented REST API to create a seamlessly interconnected ecosystem. By acting as a bridge between Cirrus and other external systems, our API ensures a smooth and integrated assessment experience:
Universal Compatibility

The REST architecture means our API is platform-agnostic, offering compatibility with virtually any external system, whether it's for user management, exam bookings, or other essential functionalities.

Flexibility and Customisation:

Adapt the integration to suit your specific needs. Whether you want to fetch, update, or delete data, the API provides you with the flexibility to execute operations as per your requirements.

Secure Integration

Security is paramount. Our API ensures that data transfer between Cirrus and other platforms is both encrypted and secure, safeguarding sensitive information.

Efficient Data Management

Whether it's pulling candidate information, synchronising exam schedules, or managing credentials, the API facilitates real-time data exchange, ensuring systems are always up-to-date.

Data protection of assessment tools in education

Test Security

As the volume and sophistication of cheating methods grow, the tools to counteract them must evolve with equal vigour. Cirrus provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to preemptively combat and detect cheating, ensuring that every assessment remains a true reflection of the test-taker’s abilities. From randomised exams and advanced proctoring to plagiarism detection, we employ a multi-pronged approach to maintain the sanctity of the e-assessment process.

Proctorio is an automated online proctoring software that is seamlessly integrated with Cirrus and allows you to monitor test-takers' actions and detect cheating during exams:
Complete Action Oversight

Monitor every action executed on the examinee's computer, ensuring that the test-taking environment remains uncompromised.

Built-in Browser Security:

Take advantage of intrinsic browser lockdown features, restricting access to external websites or resources that might be used to compromise the exam.​

AI-Powered Monitoring

Using advanced artificial intelligence, Proctorio scrutinises eye movements, keystrokes, and phone usage, effectively spotting potential cheating.

Efficient Review Process

By focusing solely on 'suspicious' activities, the system ensures that only relevant recordings require manual review, saving administrators precious time.

Adaptable Framework

Recognising that every organisation has its unique requirements, Proctorio offers a flexible platform. Tailor its settings and features in Cirrus to align perfectly with your institution's proctoring standards and needs.

See how it looks:
ProctorU's integration with Cirrus provides a comprehensive live human proctoring solution for online assessments. By combining real-time monitoring with human judgment, it ensures the integrity and authenticity of each exam session.
Identity Authentication

Verify the identity of each test-taker before the exam starts, reducing the risk of impersonation.

Test-taker Support

ProctorU's live proctors also assist test-takers in real-time, helping with technical glitches or clarifying test instructions.

Full Observation

Using webcam technology, proctors observe test-takers and their screens in real time, offering a dual-layered monitoring approach to deter cheating.

Flexible Timing

Catering to diverse test-taker needs, ProctorU provides a range of scheduling options to accommodate different time zones and availability.

Immediate Intervention

If suspicious activity arises, the live proctor can directly address it, maintaining the test's credibility.

See how it looks:
Safe Exam Browser, when integrated with Cirrus, provides a secure environment for online assessments by restricting access to unauthorised resources and applications on a student's device.
Limited Access

Restrict students from browsing unauthorised websites or online resources (like ChatGPT) during an examination, and significantly reduce the potential for cheating.

Block Unwanted Programs

Stop students from accessing or using non-permitted applications on their devices while the exam is ongoing.

Effortless Deployment

Its straightforward interface ensures easy setup for educators and a seamless exam-taking experience for students.

Ensure test-takers’ work is their own – catch plagiarised or AI-generated content with our seamless dashboard integration with Turnitin:
Originality Verification

Turnitin scrutinises written exam answers by comparing them against its extensive database, which includes scholarly publications and vast web content, ensuring the authenticity of student submissions.

Empowering Educators

Turnitin provides educators with valuable insights into student work, allowing for informed decisions and feedback.

Promoting Academic Integrity

Beyond just detection, the platform educates students on proper citation and writing practices, fostering a culture of honesty and originality in research.

See how it looks:


In our commitment to make exams accessible to all, we’ve partnered with leading tools like Readspeaker and Ecobit. Readspeaker breathes life into digital content with its advanced text-to-speech capabilities, ensuring comprehension for diverse learners. Meanwhile, Ecobit bridges the gap between traditional and digital methods, allowing institutions to tailor exam delivery to their unique needs.

braille keyboard
Incorporating Readspeaker with Cirrus ensures that your exams are not only thorough but also accessible to a diverse range of candidates. This state-of-the-art text-to-speech software breathes life into digital content by voicing it out loud:
Promoting Inclusivity

Whether a test-taker has a visual impairment, dyslexia, or simply struggles with reading, Readspeaker levels the playing field, making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to comprehend the exam content.

Flexible Learning Styles

Recognising that people absorb information differently, this integration caters to auditory learners, providing them with a comfortable and hands-free way to consume exam content.

Multilingual Capabilities

No matter where your candidates are from, Readspeaker ensures clarity by reading aloud the content in a wide array of languages, respecting the user's preference and enhancing comprehension.

Ease of Use

With a user-friendly interface, candidates can easily activate the read-aloud feature, adjusting speed and volume to their comfort, allowing them to focus solely on the examination material.

See how it looks:
With the Ecobit Print & Scan integration, Cirrus accommodates both digital and traditional paper-based exams, aligning with the diverse needs of examiners and institutions. This system effortlessly blends the tactile familiarity of paper with the efficiency of digital solutions:
Versatility in Exam Delivery

Whether your preference is digital or paper-based exams, Ecobit ensures that your choice is executed seamlessly. Tailor the exam experience according to the specific requirements of your candidates or logistical considerations.

Robust Data Security

Ecobit Print & Scan not only ensures that the results are safely stored within Cirrus but also provides layers of security to protect confidential exam documents, reducing risks associated with physical storage.

Unified Storage and Analysis

Gone are the days of manually transferring paper exam results to a digital format. Scan the answer sheets, and watch as the results are automatically populated within Cirrus, ready for in-depth analysis, export, or further review.

Economical and Green

By allowing digitisation of paper exams, there's a reduction in the reliance on physical storage solutions, leading to cost savings and a more environmentally-friendly approach to examination.

See how it looks:

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