Cirrus Hidden Gems: Revolutionise Mathematical Assessments with SOWISO

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Welcome to the latest Cirrus Hidden Gems blog, where we showcase features that will enhance your assessment process and help you deliver superior digital exams. 

Online assessments offer unparalleled efficiency and accessibility, but one of the enduring challenges has been effectively translating mathematical assessments for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) questions into a digital format. Complex formulas, intricate calculations, and the need for precise expression have often been stumbling blocks in the transition from paper to digital. 

Today, we’re excited to highlight the SOWISO mathematical question type, seamlessly integrated in Cirrus. This innovative feature is a game-changer for exact sciences, bridging the gap between the complexity of STEM subjects and the convenience of digital assessments.

What makes the SOWISO question type stand out?  

The SOWISO mathematical question type in Cirrus is an innovative open-ended item tailored for enhancing mathematical assessments in the exact sciences. It uniquely allows for formula-based answers, which are automatically scored and can be accompanied by targeted feedback. This feature also enables the creation of unique questions with random parameters, enhancing the assessment’s diversity, and minimising the potential for cheating. 

Enhancing STEM Mathematical Assessments

Authentic Assessments

The SOWISO question type allows for formula-based answers, providing a true measure of a test takers’ understanding and skills in exact sciences.

Efficient Marking

With its automated scoring feature in Cirrus, SOWISO streamlines your grading process, for mathematical assessments, saving time and resources while ensuring consistency in evaluation.

Exam integrity

The ability to generate questions with random parameters ensures that each assessment is unique, enhancing test security and student engagement.

Immediate Feedback for Enhanced Learning

SOWISO offers instant, targeted feedback, helping test-takers understand where they went wrong and learn from their mistakes straight away. 

Diverse Question Types for Comprehensive Assessment

SOWISO questions are designed to support a broad spectrum of mathematical assessments. They are particularly effective for evaluating answers within the following domains:

  • Numerical Assessments: This includes both decimal numbers and complex numbers, with the capability to use ranges for added complexity.
  • Expressions and Formulas: Ideal for assessing variable-based expressions and formulas, incorporating constants (e.g., e, i, pi) and subscripts.
  • Calculation-Based Questions: Perfect for sum and product calculations, offering a robust way to test computational skills.
  • Comparative and Probability Assessments: Suitable for questions involving comparisons, inequalities, and odds.
  • Trigonometry and Functions: Well-suited for trigonometric functions and related mathematical concepts.
  • Linear Equations: Effective for testing understanding of systems of linear equations.
  • Logical Reasoning: Applicable for questions that delve into mathematical logic.
  • Advanced Algebra: Ideal for questions on vectors and matrices, catering to higher-level algebraic concepts.
  • Interval and Limit Testing: Useful for assessing knowledge of intervals and limits.
  • Calculus: Comprehensive enough to cover both differential and integral calculus.

Additionally, SOWISO questions can accommodate Latin and Greek characters, and are versatile in handling lists and collections. 

For more information about the Cirrus mathematical question type, please refer to our Knowledge Base article or contact your customer success representative

Getting started with SOWISO in Cirrus

To use the SOWISO add-on in your mathematical assessments, please contact your Cirrus customer success manager for details and pricing. If you’ve previously used the stand-alone version of SOWISO, you’ll be pleased to know that you can import your existing SOWISO questions into Cirrus. If you’re just getting started with mathematical question types, SOWISO will provide comprehensive support to train your team and help you develop questions. Additionally, you have the option to purchase a wide range of pre-developed content. For more information or to get started, simply reach out to us via email. Once the add-on is enabled, you will find the ‘Mathematical question’ in your ‘Add an item’ menu. 

A New Era in STEM Assessments

The integration of the SOWISO mathematical question type within Cirrus marks a significant advancement in digital mathematical assessments for STEM fields. By offering a solution that combines the precision required for exact sciences with the efficiency of digital exams, we are not just streamlining the assessment process but also enhancing the learning and teaching experience. This feature’s ability to create diverse, secure, and engaging assessments, coupled with its efficient grading and immediate feedback, positions it as an essential tool for any educational institution looking to embrace the future of digital assessments in STEM. Cirrus and SOWISO – where innovation meets education.

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