Exam Booking Simplified

Streamline exam management for administrators and test-takers alike.

The Benefits of Cirrus Exam Booking

Seamless Integration

Combine the power of Cirrus's e-assessment platform with advanced exam booking software. The integration brings all your exam management needs into one central location, simplifying the coordination of resources and schedules.

Exam Booking According To Your Needs

Cirrus Exam Booking accommodates all exam delivery methods, from test centres to remote settings or a combination. It streamlines the booking process for each scenario, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for administrators and candidates alike.

Efficient Test Centre Scheduling

Utilise Cirrus Exam Booking capabilities to efficiently manage bulk exams for cohorts or individual candidates in test centres. Simplify complex logistics, and ensure precise coordination and effective use of your test centre resources.

Optimised Resource Management

Manage seating arrangements, computer lab availability, monitoring staff and other essential test centre resources with increased efficiency. Conduct your exams with greater control and effectiveness, ensuring a high-quality experience for test-takers.

Individual Enrollment

Provide test-takers with the ultimate convenience in exam booking: The user-friendly interface streamlines the enrolment process, enabling candidates to register easily - anytime, anywhere.

Payment & Exam Access

Test-takers can utilise a variety of payment methods or voucher codes, and launch their exams straight from the registration portal dashboard, offering a straightforward, efficient path from registration to exam results.

Advanced Exam Booking Tools

Streamline the exam management process for your administrators and improve the exam experience for your test-takers with Cirrus Exam Booking. The integration brings together advanced scheduling, efficient resource allocation, and real-time monitoring for administrators, while providing students with an easy-to-use online booking system and clear communication tools.

Equip your team with robust tools to streamline the exam creation process. These features offer enhanced control over exam scheduling, seating arrangements, and detailed exam monitoring. The integrated system ensures a smoother and more efficient management experience.
Automated Scheduling

Customisable schedules and exam groups allow for better organisation and automatic management of registrations, transforming hours of work into minutes.

Real-Time Roster

A live check-in roster that integrates with other platform tools provides immediate oversight, keeping the registration process smooth and efficient.

Enhanced Communication

Effectively communicate key information and updates about exams to students, ensuring that all learners receive timely and clear instructions.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive tools for reporting and analytics allow for the extraction of big-picture data, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Efficient Resource Management

Allocate resources like rooms, staff, and equipment to streamline resource management, ensure optimal usage and reduce the chances of overbooking or resource shortages on exam days.

Import Tools

Quickly add exams and lists into the system. Save time and reduce manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in exam preparation.

Candidates benefit from an intuitive and easy-to-use online exam scheduling system, whenever and wherever is convenient for them. This reduces barriers to exam registration, minimises no-shows, and enhances the overall candidate experience.
Easy Exam Booking

A simple online form lets test-takers sign up for multiple exams, using voucher codes or a variety of payment options. Whether at home or on the go, they can secure their exam spot anytime, anywhere, without the need for complex steps or assistance.

Registration History

Let test-takers view and track exam history and payments so they stay organised and informed about their exam schedules and financial transactions.

Communication Tools

Features like text reminders and surveys upon check-out improve communication and feedback loops between your organisation and your test-takers.

Single Sign-On

Offer a secure and hassle-free registration process, reinforcing data privacy and convenience.

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