Cirrus Assessment and RegisterBlast Announce Partnership to Streamline the E-Assessment Experience

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Utrecht (NL), 25 September 2023  – For immediate release: Cirrus Assessment, the leading no-compromise online exam platform, and RegisterBlast, a pioneer in higher education custom scheduling tools, announced a strategic partnership on September 20, 2023. 

The alliance between Cirrus Assessment and RegisterBlast is poised to redefine the landscape of the e-assessment market by providing an unprecedented, comprehensive end-to-end solution. This symbiotic collaboration will cover every facet of the assessment journey—starting from hassle-free exam booking, and culminating in secure exam delivery, precise marking, and final credentialing.

Merging Cirrus Assessment’s advanced exam capabilities with RegisterBlast’s efficient scheduling tools, the alliance sets a new industry standard. Both platforms offer specialised features—Cirrus focuses on advanced question types and high-level security, while RegisterBlast provides intuitive, education-focused scheduling solutions. 

Together, they create an integrated, scalable system that enhances both educational institutions’ capabilities and students’ experiences, setting a new benchmark for quality and efficiency in the e-assessment industry.

The partnership with RegisterBlast allows us to deliver a true end-to-end solution to the e-assessment market, from exam booking, through to item banking, exam creating and delivery to marking and credentialing.

Vegard Sivertsen, CEO of Cirrus Assessment

As the proverbial ink dried on the contract, Vegard Sivertsen, CEO of Cirrus Assessment remarked: “I am extremely happy with the partnership with RegisterBlast. This allows us to deliver a true end-to-end solution to the e-assessment market, from exam booking, through to item banking, exam creating and delivery to marking and credentialing. The power of the RegisterBlast platform and its focus on customer satisfaction fits perfectly with the ethos and ambitions of Cirrus Assessment. I look forward to working with Dwight and David and the management team at RegisterBlast.”

Dwight Pittman, CEO of RegisterBlast, held similar thoughts about the partnership. “Partnering with Cirrus is an exciting opportunity. We believe integrating with their online exam experience will be one more way we can help clients in higher education build quick and easy scheduling solutions for their assessment needs. It only makes sense to lend our expertise to Cirrus’ incredible platform. RegisterBlast looks forward to working with Vegard and the Cirrus team to explore how our partnership can improve and simplify testing in higher education.

The official logo of Cirrus, the online test creation software.

About Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment is committed to simplifying the e-assessment experience. Their robust platform allows educators and administrators to create better exams with advanced question types, blueprints, and psychometric data. With a focus on high-stakes exam security, Cirrus features anti-cheating technology and boasts an ISO certification with 99.9% uptime. Contact: [email protected]

About RegisterBlast

RegisterBlast takes the hassle out of academic scheduling. Their platform provides custom tools designed for higher education, enabling easy booking for appointments, events, and exams. With an emphasis on accessibility and customer satisfaction, RegisterBlast streamlines the student experience, making it easier to focus on academic success. Contact: [email protected] 

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