Be on the Lookout: The Revamped Cirrus Marking Tool

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In 2024, the Cirrus Marking Tool is set for a major upgrade, changing how educators approach exam grading. Our current marking tool, already a favourite among educators for its ease of use, is getting even better. The upcoming enhancements focus on simplifying the grading process, boosting educator efficiency, and maintaining the highest standards of accuracy.

The Cirrus Marking Tool is not just about streamlining grading; it’s a user-friendly, supportive companion. 

Our Enhanced Marking Tool

The future Cirrus Marking Tool will include these key features:

  • User-Centric Intuitive Interface: The Cirrus Tool’s new interface is designed for ease of use, allowing educators to navigate effortlessly, focusing more on exam content and less on technicalities.
  • Diverse and Customizable Grading Options: Catering to various teaching methods, our tool will offer flexible grading options, from traditional point systems to narrative feedback, all customisable to suit different educational needs.
  • Collaborative Assessment Review: Enhancing the educational experience through collaboration, this feature will allow for easy sharing and commenting among educators, improving the quality of education through shared insights.
  • Real-Time Insights and Analytics: Offering immediate insights into student performance, this feature will help educators make informed decisions, turning data into actionable stories of student progress.
  • AI-Powered Essay Grading: The crown jewel of the Cirrus Tool’s updates is the AI-powered essay grading feature. A significant addition, this will provide consistent evaluations while learning from educators’ grading patterns, reducing the workload and enhancing the teaching experience.

Streamlining the Marking Experience

New and Improved Navigation: The upgraded navigation system in Cirrus will offer a smoother, more intuitive user experience. Users can effortlessly traverse through candidate responses with consistent top and footer navigation. 

The ability to undo/redo actions and flag questions for later review enhances flexibility and control.

Enhanced Marker Collaboration: Collaboration is vital. The revamped tool promotes collaborative grading by allowing markers to view and understand how their colleagues have graded questions.

This visibility into peer assessments fosters a more unified and comprehensive evaluation approach.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Designed for efficiency, these shortcuts enable quick actions, dramatically reducing the time and effort involved in marking

Groundbreaking Scoring and Annotation Features

Advanced Annotation Capabilities: Markers will be able to connect annotations directly to criteria, changing the colour of highlighted sections and assigning criteria to specific parts of a candidate’s response.

Comments will be made visible to markers only. You can mouse over the highlighted sentence to view the feedback and which criterion it’s connected to.

Dynamic Scoring Options:

Offering versatile scoring options and the ability to connect annotations directly to criteria, the tool provides detailed feedback to students, enhancing the learning experience.

File Attachments and Audio Feedback: Markers will be able to attach files or record audio as part of their feedback. This feature opens up new avenues for providing rich, detailed feedback, whether annotating a Word document or giving verbal guidance.

AI-Enhanced Marking: A Step into the Future

AI-Assisted Marking: Representing the synergy between human expertise and machine intelligence, this feature learns from markers, eventually scoring candidates automatically, reducing educators’ workload significantly.

These upgrades will be released throughout 2024, so keep your eyes peeled for more details via our newsletter, social media, or flag us down at a conference for a demo to see our Cirrus Marking Tool in action.

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