ATP 2024: Celebrating Collaboration in Online Testing

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Now that we’re somewhat recovered from the 10-hour time difference and 9-hour flight back to Utrecht, it’s time we sat down and reflected on ATP 2024. This year’s “Better Together” theme really hit home, reminding us all just how powerful it is when we join forces. Mixing our different skills, perspectives, and professional stories, we showed off how we can turn challenges into chances to create solutions that are not only smarter but also more inclusive, efficient, and innovative. 

At the conference, we had the pleasure of sharing space with our partner, Proctorio, at booths 307 and 305. Standing alongside Proctorio, a leader in online proctoring and integrity solutions was a highlight. Together with Cirrus’ powerful exam platform, we showed how exams can be made both secure and efficient using the latest technology. The partnership between Cirrus and Proctorio beautifully echoed the conference’s “Better Together” theme, demonstrating collaboration’s power in enhancing online testing’s security and integrity.

The 25th Conference Anniversary Celebration was an unforgettable kickoff to this year’s event, marking a quarter-century of excellence, innovation, and community. Networking with fellow attendees, we were reminded of the incredible journey we’ve all been a part of and the collective milestones we’ve achieved. This special celebration was not just about looking back at the amazing moments that have defined the conference’s history but also about looking forward with anticipation to the future. Raising our glasses to the past, present, and future, the evening was all about celebrating the vibrant community that has grown over the years and the shared vision that drives us forward. Here’s to the next twenty-five years of making memories and breaking new ground together!

The next day, it was time to dive into presentations. Talks like “Leveraging Template-Based Automated Item Generation and Generative Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Item Development” by Drew Dallas and others lit a path for us in the testing field, showcasing how AI and automated item generation are changing how we approach exam efficiency and security. These discussions were interesting for anyone eager to untangle the complexities of modern test creation, offering both practical guidance and a wealth of insights from those leading the charge.

One of the standout moments was the Asia-ATP Division’s luncheon, “Burning Questions about the Testing Industry in Asia.” It was more than just lunch; it was a unique chance for cross-cultural exchange and looking into the challenges and opportunities that define exams in Asia’s vast and varied regions.

AI was the undeniable star, sparking lively debates and discussions about its potential to reshape testing. Similarly, the buzz around AI proctoring versus live proctoring highlighted AI’s benefits, from better efficiency to bolstered security, compared to traditional methods and live proctoring. Sharing our journey with Proctorio made those conversations all the more interesting and served as a tangible example of how technology partnerships can enhance education for teachers and students.

Beyond the conference’s confines, Anaheim enchanted us with its own magic, offering a nice break from the hectic conference. We explored the Disney Village, ate amazing Thai food, and enjoyed a steak dinner with our esteemed partner Dwight Pittman of RegisterBlast. A huge shout-out to everyone we met, from insightful chats at our booth to shared laughs and learnings throughout the conference. Your passion, curiosity, and eagerness to push boundaries and think collectively about the future left a lasting impression on us.

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Cristina Gilbert
Cristina Gilbert
Copywriter and digital content enthusiast, Cristina is motivated by the fast-paced world of e-assessment and the opportunities online exams give students to thrive.
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