April ‘24 Cirrus Update: Major Upgrades to Section Management, and More!

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It’s spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and after months of cold, grey Dutch skies, we’re just happy to have the sun on our face again. It’s also the time for spring cleaning – which extends to our platform! Sweeping out the old, dusty features that were slowing you down, and making room for ones that make your (exam) life way more efficient and organised. 

Major Upgrade to Section Management in the Library – Unprecedented Flexibility and Efficiency 

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking upgrade to our Section Management capabilities within the Library, setting a new standard in flexibility and responsiveness. This update transforms how you interact with live sections in assessments, allowing for real-time modifications that immediately generate updated versions of the content. Now, managing your course materials is quicker, easier, and more intuitive than ever before.

What we did and why it benefits you:

  • Adding/removing questions: You now have the flexibility to dynamically add or remove questions from live sections without having to start from scratch by creating a new version. This will give you a huge boost in flexibility and efficiency.
  • Section Timer: Adjust the timer for each section to accommodate different types of assessments or student needs. This customisation can help in managing exam time effectively, making it possible to allocate more or less time based on the complexity of questions or the intended assessment pace.
  • Show section introduction page: Opt to display an introduction page at the beginning of each section. This feature is particularly useful for setting the context or providing instructions specific to the section, helping students to prepare mentally before they start answering the questions.
  • Hide detailed information: You have the option to hide detailed information within sections. This can help in reducing distractions for students, focusing their attention on the questions themselves, which is especially beneficial during timed tests.
  • Navigation options: Enhanced navigation options within sections allow for a smoother and more intuitive user experience. You can set whether students can go back to previous questions, skip ahead, or must follow a linear path, giving you greater control over the assessment flow.
  • Number of questions to answer: Adjust the number of questions that students need to answer in each section. This flexibility supports differentiated learning by accommodating varying levels of student ability and knowledge within the same class, allowing all students to engage at a level that is appropriate and challenging for them.

The bugs we fixed:

🪲 Smooth Operation Enhancements: We have addressed and resolved repeated issues that affected review sessions and form updates. These fixes contribute to smoother operations, ensuring that your experience is efficient and free from previous disruptions.

Marking Submissions Improvement  

We’ve made significant enhancements to our Marking Submissions page, specifically reviewing candidate submissions and statuses. These updates not only improve the functionality but also elevate the aesthetic appeal, making the marking workflow more intuitive and effective.

What we’ve done and why this benefits you:

  • Improved filtering: Advanced filtering options enable quicker access to specific data.
  • Customisable table components: Tailor your dashboard by customising columns according to your needs.
  • Progress bar: A new visual indicator of marking progress.
  • Item view enhancements: Labels of items are now displayed in ‘item’ view for better clarity.
  • Score splitting: Separate views for manual versus automatic scores.
  • New export options: More flexibility in exporting data.
  • Column adjustments: We’ve replaced the ‘Final Score’ column with ‘Manual Score (Assessor #)’, and ‘Manual Score (Moderator #)’ to better reflect assessment contributions.

Marking Assess Tab Overhaul

Experience a coherent user interface with our completely overhauled ‘Marking Assess’ tab. This enhancement ensures consistency across the platform, improving usability and interaction. 

What we’ve done and why it benefits you:

  • Simplified filtering system: We’ve eliminated the old hamburger icon, replacing it with a more intuitive filtering interface. This change allows you to access the data you need faster and more efficiently, without navigating through cumbersome menus.Customisable Dashboard view: Tailor the dashboard to meet your specific needs with new options for column customisation. This feature allows you to organise the tabs that are most important to you and adjust the layout of the table to best fit your workflow. This only changes the dashboard for you, each user can adjust how they see fit.
  • Expanded column options: Enhance your ability to monitor and control your marking workflow with additional columns. Simply toggle to add. These include:
    • Progress: Instantly view the current status of marking with a progress bar and %.
    • Assessment title: Easily identify and navigate through different assessments.
    • Marking workflow: Understand at-a-glance which stage of marking each assessment is in.
    • Hierarchy: Conveniently filter users based on whatever criteria works for you
    • Scheduler: Plan and adjust assessment timelines directly from the dashboard.
    • Archived: Access archived assessments quickly, without the need to search through historical data manually.

Turnitin Integration Enhancement – Cross-Checking Candidates 

Elevate the integrity and accuracy of your assessments with our enhanced Turnitin integration. With the new cross-checking feature, you can ensure that all submissions are unique and uphold academic honesty by comparing them against each other within the same exam schedule. 

Why this benefits you:

This integrity feature just got more precise. Instead of comparing against past submissions, it now factors in candidates sitting the same exam. The ability to cross-check candidates’ submissions ensures that any similarities between submissions can be identified more accurately. This is especially helpful in environments where students might be working on similar assignments or have access to the same materials. By comparing submissions directly, it becomes much easier to detect instances of direct copying or even subtle instances of plagiarism that might not have been caught previously.

The bugs we fixed:

🪲 PDF Reports: We have resolved a persistent issue where sending PDF reports was not functioning as expected. Now, you can reliably generate and distribute detailed PDF reports of candidate assessments without interruptions.

🪲 Blueprint: Improvements have been made to our extended blueprint feature concerning form creation processes. This fix rectifies previous shortcomings and enhance the overall stability and functionality of these tools.

🪲 Review session tab: ToDo has been corrected when creating a new review session

🪲 Error message when adding candidates to a shared schedule is gone and this is functioning correctly

Stay updated with these enhancements as we strive to streamline your experience on our platform. For more information, visit the relevant articles in our Knowledge Base or contact your customer success manager. We look forward to your feedback and are eager to see how these updates improve your workflow!

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