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We are passionate about assessment and technology

A break from the norm, that’s what we wanted

A change from tired old business models, average customer service, and software that worked, but only worked “ok”. We’re not about making solutions that just work “ok”; they have to look great and behave intuitively, providing an amazing user experience. To make this happen, we’ve assembled a dedicated team of developers, a multi-lingual support team, visual and interaction designers and experts in the field of e-Assessment. Cirrus Assessment is also backed by a group of private investors with extensive experience in the technology sector.

Our values

Be sincere

Sincerity is a virtue fundamental to humanity. At Cirrus Assessment we want to do everything with sincerity. Only then can we build meaningful partnerships with other businesses and trusting relationships with our customers.

Create harmony

An atmosphere where everyone is happy and harmonious has to be the way forward if we are to be a truly successful business. We want to work in harmony with each other, with other businesses and most importantly with our customers.

Inspire creativity

An atmosphere where everyone is happy and harmonious has to be the way forward if we are to be a truly successful business. We want to work in harmony with each other, with other businesses and most importantly with our customers.

Have courage

Courage is the basis of a rewarding life. We pursue every challenge with a positive attitude. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Promote excellence

A culture and ethos of excellence drives true quality and innovation. We strive not only to satisfy our customers, but to exceed their expectations.

Have fun

A happy team is motivated, productive and efficient. We spend a lot of time together so we feel it is important to have fun. Laughter costs nothing and enriches everything.

Our history


Development commences

First code was written and the foundation of the Cirrus platform was laid.


Cirrus officially incorporates

With its original 5 investors, Cirrus BV sees the dawn of light



Cirrus goes live

The first version of the Cirrus platform is used for live exams.


Partnering with ProctorU

To extend test delivery Cirrus signs partnership agreement with ProctorU, the market leader in remote live proctoring.


Award winners!

Together with our customer NCTJ, Cirrus was awarded the “Best use of summative testing” at the e-assessment Awards 2017.




Cirrus continues to expand and is now delivering high-stake exams on all continents.


Resellers and partnerships

Our global reach expands as we continue to grow our partnership network, now offering remote proctoring, test center network and paper-based assessments.


and beyond…

From being the small underdog in the e-assessment market, Cirrus has grown to become one of the best e-assessment platforms in the world, and the story doesn’t stop there. We are always looking for new ways of bringing innovations to the market.

The Team

At Cirrus, e-Assessment is what we focus on. It is what keeps us busy every day. We are not distracted by other product lines. With our passionate team of developers, a multi-lingual support team, visual and interaction designers and experts in the field of e-Assessment we are convinced that we offer the best possible solution to the global e-assessment market.

From a humble beginning 6 years ago, the Cirrus team has grown into a bustling company with more than 30 talented and dedicated colleagues.

Interested in joining the Team? We’re not looking for any position in particular but if you feel you might have what it takes to work with us, send your resume to [email protected]. We’re always on the lookout for great talent.


We’re always looking to improve

Our roadmap is an open statement of direction; a guide to where we are prioritizing our efforts. Our focus is to ensure the enhancements are what our customers need and that they are rolled out in the best way possible. However, we may change our plans as better ways to meet customer expectations arise.



Simplified dashboard with more relevant information to the authors.


  • Quicker access to relevant information
  • Simpler interface

Notification centre

A complete new and accessible notification centre.


  • Available from anywhere in the platform
  • Convenient filtering
  • Always up to date on what has happened since you last logged in

Assessment and schedule dashboards

A smart and useful dashboard for assessments and schedules allows you to immediately see important information.


  • Easy step by step guide to creating your content
  • Convenient overview of assessment/schedule details
  • Easy to see the changes that have been done since you last visited

Multiple marking steps

Allows you to set up several marking steps, supporting multiple rounds of moderation.


  • Flexible marking workflows
  • Quality assurance for the marking workflow

View marking progress for coordinators

The coordinator will be able to view the marking progress, as well as view details on the actual marking.


  • The coordinator can monitor that marking is done and the progress thereof


Group questions on one page in delivery

Allows you to group several questions to be displayed on one page in candidate delivery. 


  • Candidates can view connected questions on one page without having to navigate

Release: September/October 2020


Reporting improvements includes extended reporting API’s, Learning analytics, Showing trends and progression over time.


  • Relevant and accessible reports
  • Open architecture that allows you to data-mine results


Printing of scheduled assessments

Next to be able to print assessments, you will also be able to print scheduled assessments. 


  • No need for candidate to enter details on the printed form
  • Results are automatically transferred to Cirrus after scanning

Dual role in marking

Dual roles makes it possible to assign markers who will both be an assessor and moderator for the same assessment. 


  • If your resources are limited, you can have the same person assess and moderate assessments

Release: 16 June 2020

Progress of marking

Allows the assessors to get a complete overview of their progress of the marking workload. 


  • Easier to keep track of the progress
  • Quick access to unscored questions
  • View which candidates and items are assigned to your and your colleagues

Release: 12 May 2020

Office 365 integration

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 documents.


  • Utilize the power of the Office suite during exam delivery
  • Embedding of documents during marking

Work-out box

Work-out box gives candidates access to a convenient notepad during exam delivery.


  • Working-out notepad for each question
  • Can be made visible to the marker. Combined with manually scoring of auto-scored questions, candidate notes can be taken into account when scoring the candidate

Direct message from invigilator to candidates

The invigilator will be able to send direct messages to candidates from their invigilation dashboard.


  • Communicate directly group of candidates or individual candidates

Release: 28 April 2020


Share schedules and review sessions

Allowing you to share your schedules and candidate review sessions with your colleagues. 


  • Several people will have access to the schedule
  • Useful for quality assurance of the schedule

Improved blueprint

The blueprint allows you to set the criteria for how the assessment forms should be generated. The new blueprint allows you to base it on a template and gives you more control on how to build the blueprint.


  • Easier and faster to build blueprints using templates
  • Easily drag and drop the order of the learning outcomes
  • More responsive design, suited for smaller resolutions

Programming question type

The new question type developed together with the Technical University of Eindhoven allows you to assess programming skills. Fully auto-scored with advanced algorithm for scoring candidates.


  • True fit-for-purpose testing of programming skills
  • Supports more than 30 different programming languages
  • Fully auto-scored

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