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We’re excited to announce we are introducing a new brand identity! As we’re maturing and professionalising as an organisation, we are determined to stay as innovative as possible, and for us, this means a fresh look and feel for Cirrus. With this new brand launch, we are looking at the future of e-assessment: It means continuously improving our platform, communicating with our customers and partners, and innovating ground-breaking solutions.

Quality and professionalism combined with innovation

As Cirrus’ Founder and CEO Vegard Sivertsen explains, “We are maturing as a company, growing quickly and we are looking at who we are and want to be. So we have done countless interviews with customers. We have talked to market experts. We have analysed where the market is now, where it’s going, and how Cirrus fits in there. What brings customers value? We have looked at our value proposition, how we want to be perceived in the market, and a visual identity that reflects that value proposition of our online test creation software.

“One of the things we’ve always been about is quality. And at the same time, the company’s innovative nature means we are a groundbreaker regarding exciting solutions in the platform, which is reflected in the new branding. The new colours and logo represent Cirrus’ vision and focus: The purple colour represents quality and professionalism, while the orange colour is daring and embodies our innovative nature. It also coincides with orange being the national colour of our homebase, the Netherlands. It’s a very nice representation of who we want to be and what we strive toward daily.”

Logo elements

Let’s look at some of the elements of our rebranding that we’re excited about. The new logo of Cirrus, the online test creation software, comprises three symbols that we think represent us pretty well.

The part of the Cirrus Logo: the dialogue box.

The first one is The Dialogue Box: A visual embodiment of conversation, the dialogue box represents what Cirrus holds near and dear to our hearts: communication. In other words, staying in sync with our customers to make sure our platform keeps helping them create better assessments, more easily.

As our Founder and CEO Vegard Sivertsen puts it, “We’re continuously improving the product. We are learning from customers. We get feedback from them, and we see how they use the platform, and we use that feedback to make even further improvements.”

It also involves keeping an open dialogue with the education and assessment industry in general to make sure our platform stays ahead of the curve. The benefits of being an agile, innovative scale-up means that we can change gears quickly to take advantage of new developments in science and technology. 

The Checkmark as a part of the official Cirrus Logo

Next, we incorporated The Checkmark, the sign of accomplishment and success. Sometimes, the best part about exams is that they’re over. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Cirrus, that checkmark represents your portal to success.

That means letting your staff save time and create better exams; Providing flexible exams and faster results to your test takers. And crucially, setting your organisation up for success with happier staff and students.

The Chart as the third part of the official Cirrus Logo

Finally, we present The Chart—our final piece of the logo. The chart represents facts, data, stability, and confidence. Cirrus provides you with the data to develop fairer, more valid exams, to prepare your test takers for the future.

Making the benefits of e-assessment accessible to everyone

Our mission remains the same: To make the benefits of e-assessment accessible to everyone. We do this by offering an e-assessment platform that is both incredibly powerful and easy to learn and master. But we have matured as a company and this new brand identity reflects that. As does the move to a new, bigger office to accommodate our growing team. (but more about that later!) 

Stay tuned for an interview with Cirrus Founder and CEO Vegard Sivertsen about our journey so far and what’s next for e-assessment! 

Explore what is an online exam platform here.

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Cristina Gilbert
Cristina Gilbert
Copywriter and digital content enthusiast, Cristina is motivated by the fast-paced world of e-assessment and the opportunities online exams give students to thrive.
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