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Exams can be challenging but your e-assessment software shouldn’t be! Our powerful yet intuitive online exam platform lets you focus on what matters: helping your test takers succeed.
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Powerful exams

Create exams relevant to modern learners

Create better exams thanks to our advanced question types, blueprints, psychometric data, custom marking workflows, and more.

Keep your high-stakes exams safe and secure

Anti-cheating features ensure exam integrity, while our ISO certification and 99.99% uptime guarantee the highest quality exam security.

One platform for all of your assessment needs

Cirrus scales with your needs and integrates with booking, proctoring, and credentialing applications. Check out all our implementations here.

Easily managed

Minimise workload

Our simple, intuitive workflows are designed to save you time: cut exam creation and marking time in half, collaborate internally and externally, and deliver results faster.

Ensure teacher and student satisfaction

Cirrus is easy to learn for all users, ensuring a streamlined assessment process for staff and students alike.

A true partnership

Our dedicated customer success teams ensure a seamless implementation, whether switching from paper or an alternative platform. And beyond, we work with you, every step of the way, to help you deliver cutting-edge exams.

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We work with

Awarding Bodies

Тhe partnership between Cirrus and Chartered Accountants Ireland won the E-Assessment Award

More of our clients in this industry:

Professional Testing

Тhe National Council for the Training of Journalists revolutionised their examination system with Cirrus

More of our clients in this industry:

Higher Education

Тhe University of Pretoria successfully implemented Cirrus for 50,000 students​

More of our clients in this industry:


Better Assessments

The Power of Feedback in Maximising Learning

Timely and detailed feedback is a powerful force in enhancing student learning. Learn how personalised feedback benefits students in understanding mistakes, preparing for resits, and navigating grade appeals, while also empowering educators to identify misunderstandings and motivate student engagement.

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